Citizens for Safe Drinking Water Utah Davis County
As of 13 May 2013, for Mills Crenshaw KTKK listeners
I am re-linking my former pages beginning with this "Utah" page.

Links inside may not all work until I have the time  to edit or restore all that I had on the web back when it was up for vote.  I also was learning how to right web pages on my own, so they are not sophisticated, flashy or fancy -- but they are factual !!! -- and did convince the communities and councils, who heard me and read these papers, to not fluoridate their water!

 Thomas L Rodgers 5/13/2013 :
 Santa Monica, Utah, Davis County, Animal Challenges, Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Fish, Farmers, Nature, Acid, Drugs, Ducks , Infants, Industry,
(and here my poke at under-educated or idiot "Pros" Jackasses, Quacks)
Be sure to read the University, National Academy of Science, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Health, etc studies and reports (some of which I labored in and even caused to happen! Click here or scroll to
stacked blue panels below beginning with link to study: "Fluoride Toxicity in Plants!"
Tooele Utah has the chance to harm or protect its water and its other non-voting water dependent life!
(See all below including; 12 Reasons for Serious Evaluation for Animals and Agriculture!)
Please help us get these Fluoridation facts and our past experience to the younger  Farmers, Ranchers, Horseman and caring Pet Owners of Tooele.
We older Farmers need to remember Tooele and the area's past crop and livestock loses from old US Steel, the old Magna smelter, old National Lead (now Magcor), etc. (pre-scrubber released) fluoride exposures to our crops and livestock;
then make those memories, our wisdom, voices and multiplied votes heard! 
-- specifically among our own children and all of our new and younger neighbors!
Vote NO
Friends don't FORCE Friends
to Drink Fluoride
Tooele, Utah    I       Nov 8, 2005
Vote No
For yourself! -- your Children!
-- the Environment! -- and the Creatures  who cannot vote!
Please share this Web Site!  - and set out Lawn Signs NOW! 

Don't let your Friends, Neighbors and Politicians Fluoridate You !!!
- your child or your child's 
"Best Friends" too!!!

Get  your own understanding and help your friends,  neighbors -- and "Best Friends"

Please share this site with all your family, friends & neighbors;
especially: Farmers, Ranchers, Poultrymen, Dairymen, Horse & Pet Owners, Horticulturists, Veterinarians, etc. 
whose labor &  interest always has been with the water, land, animals and all life forms!
Periodic interviews of Old Farmer, animal & natural biologist Tom Rodgers, on Fluoridation
 Listen Everyday :.Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio  12 - 2 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, HorsePet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!
As of 13 May 2013, for Mills Crenshaw KTKK listeners
I have re-linked my former pages. Links inside may not all work, until I have chance to edit or restore all that I had on the web back then.  I also was learning how to right web pages on my own, so they are not sophisticated, flashy or fancy -- but they are factual -- and did convince the communities and councils who heard me and read them to not fluoridate their water!
 Thomas L Rodgers 5/13/2013 :
 Santa Monica, Utah, Davis County, Animal Challenges, Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Fish, Farmers, Nature, Acid, Drugs, Ducks , Infants, Industry,

(and here my poke at under-educated or idiot "Pros" Jackasses, Quacks)
Index to  Organizations  in Utah & Davis County, web sites and links
-- for Education,  Organizations and Contact listings:
.Your Davis County, Utah Websites:
.,,,The Orginal "Citizens for Safe Drinking Water - Davis (County, Utah)" Site:....... --
-- Sorry! this excellent site appears closed or moved
Davis County Initiative & Nov 2004 re-vote!
-- Excellent educational slide show included.
Especially designed for education of Professional Fluoridation Proponents - by Dave Hansen!> Now -->
-- Sorry! this excellent site had once appeared as closed or moved
Davis County Initiative & Nov 2004 re-vote resource! --
Excellent public education and active support site - 
By Lorna Rosenstein!

.Whole State of Utah:
.,,,The Original "Citizens for Safe Drinking Water - Utah" Site: 
Now: SafeDrinkingWaterCoalition .org
(Previously accessed as / then again after Nov 2 Vote;
Pilot site of all Utah State Public Efforts and Actions.
--  Includes Davis County Re-Vote Initiative!

WaterAndLife(formally .org): Pet, Farming, Ranching, Animal & Botanical issues
Animal Challenges,Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Fish, Farmers, Nature
Animal, Agricultural, Natural and Environmental issues,
as well as the Human impact of Water Fluoridation,
from an old farmer, dairyman-rancher, (human and veterinary pathologist turned whistle blower),  
as an earthy, reality-focused life-scientist & author with personal knowledge & experience!

 Periodic Fluoridation Interviews. Listen  Everyday.Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio  12 - 2pm
Studies: Documents provided by - (including )
showing the never discussed or disclosed, but real toxicity and economic impact of Fluoridation:
NEW! Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Plants Plants!
Unv Calif Riverside - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon crops
I have a library of research papers from my past labors and am now trying to make then viewable for you! 
(Nat'l Acad, Dept of Agri, Dept of Health Welfare -- Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later tlr)
NEW!  Study Acute and Subacute Fluoride Toxicity in Dogs Dogs!
US Dept Of Health and Welfare - Fluoride Drinking Waters
From my library of research papers from my past labors; scanned, formated and uploaded today Nov 4 2004! 
(More Nat'l Acad, Dept of Agri, Dept of Health Welfare -- Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later  tlr)
NEW!  Studies Fluoride Effects in Animals  Animals
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect in Animals!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
 Please return as all pages will be posted -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later this week.
NEW! Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Livestock  Cattle!
Horses! Poultry! Pigs! Sheep! All Livestock!
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon Livestock!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
Dr Gene Miller, Utah State Universty "Impact on Plants and Animals"
"Fluoride Concerns Plants, Not Just Human Beings" U.S.U. Statesman News
Excellent, extensive Notes of same presentation by James Knowles!
"Their Strategy - 1951 (Nothing has changed since)!"
New Page:  "Fourth Annual Conference of State Dental Directors with the Public Health Service and the Children's Bureau"US Dept of Health, Education & Welfare (1951)
"Their Strategy Still - 1983!"
"Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law" - Univ. Florida (Spring 1999) pages 239-240
"The Smoking Gun!"
EPA: Hydrofluosilicic Acid? -- No Studies on Human Hazards! -- "The Smoking Gun!"
"There are Deaths from Fluoride!"
Proponent in Fort Collins, Colordo City Council procedures made false "No Deaths" claim -- 
the truth is there are many -- "Deaths from Fluoride!"
Cows as Canaries?
-- like Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Horses, Chickens & Pigs, who cannot sweat; all suffer, sicken earlier & die!
Animal Challenges with Fluoride !
An old worried Farmer-Rancher-Dairyman and Animal Biologist's
12 Reasons for serious evaluation for Animals and Agriculture!
Its impact in Nature, in the Creatures, then in Man!
Fluoride's Grand Joke!
Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's Dosage Deception! -- and Your Delusion! 
Water injected Fluoride's impossible "Dental Benefiting?" Dosage Control and its Distribution Reality!
Utah Water Facts Chart
New Page: During our serious draught (and consequent fires), learn relationships between your personal choices and water - especially the greatest use demand -- your food choices:
(Chart by: State of Utah Natural Resources - Div. of Water Resources)
Why Change Water Treatment and Use Habits? - To Save Water, Costs, Self and Earth!
If you still think, as an Old Utah Farmer (and experience established Animal Biologist), I am  talking Nonsense on Fluoridation's Animal, Agricultural & Natural Impact! including your children's beloved Pets! -- for a start, follow this link and read its resources:
Then, as this only shows the tip of reported research in Fluoridation's subtly poisonous "iceberg meltdown" for animals and nature, return here* for this old Utah farmers experience, knowledge and truth established logic! -- Then I dare you or your limited-only-to-human-teeth and human-health Dentist and Doctor and your Davis County's (human) Health Dept.'s solicited and profited Waste Fluoride Industry's agents, to prove me all honorable Veterinary and Animal Science wrong!
-- But be prepared for my old farmers "shovel and shot gun" attitude re-adjustment tools of expression and "Manure Kickin" persecutory tones of defense, which I must use in righteous protection of my family, my water, my land and my animals --if you still think its OK to add this all-life-form poisoning industrial waste to my loved ones, my laboring Pets, my Soils, its Biota,. my Crops and to all my Animals, through our  community's shared precious waters!

Remind your Fluoridation Proponents and their Friend's that they are not the only life forms drinking from our City and County water taps or its effluents downstream!

Have them see my simple light hearted, but in hard reality, factual
old sub-pages for:
Farmers, Cows, Chickens, Horses, Pets, Animals, Fish, Plants, Nature,
and for some fun jest that really is no joke
Jackasses for Fluoride!!!

Please read, print & share Pennsylvania Environmental Network Brochure (PDF file) cache

Davis County Event History  MEETING HELD 10/22/04: "FLUORIDATION -All Things Considered! " (click here)
See News Report of Event:  FluorideConferenceDavisCountyClipper.htm


If you have any Stop Fluoride or Stop Fluoridation signs you might try to  add the ".org" to it -- so that the Viewers of your signs  can have an easy website direction to go.  You could carefully add to your sign an ".org" by writting it on a self stick label (4 by 1-1/2 inch, as I have done with all my signs) or skillfully add it with magic marker, at the end or just below the "....tion" of "Fluoridation", as shown here below:
Please read on & learn all you can before you Vote again on Flouridation Nov 2nd!..

Now you must think far beyond your teeth, and that narrow focus of the presumed dental benefits of Fluoridation, as is used for its promotion by our local, Fluoride-Waste-Industry solicited, Davis County and Utah State (Human) Health Departments and our Communities' Medical and Dental Industry's, comfortably benefited, "Health Professionals," their Unions, and their Subordinate Employees,

Instead, through researching the Websites below, you must understand the truly greater burden, actual costs and impact of their Industrial "Fluoride" (specifically their HydroFluosilicic Acid Waste! - which is NOT nature's inert and harmless Natural CalcuimFluoride) - as the "treatment" of all culinary water is to the rest of your body (ie. your liver, thyroid, brain, bones etc.), the bodies of your Cats, Dogs, Fish, Birds, all Pets and all other community animals, and livestock (including horses); as well as all culinary-water-irrigated agriculture , your own and Commercial food processing, and with all other City-based Industries and Nature's fauna and flora, as consequent and dependent consumers and the ultimate receivers of all the City's "Fluoride" treated waters. 

Please read and learn from these excellent sites above -- and information that follows:

As you read any Pro-Fluoridation proponent's websites, keep the following points in mind; 
We have provided one of the Utah fluoridation proponent's website link below, so that you can objectively examine their perceptions of their "good for the children -- good for their teeth" Fluoridation arguments and understand their saddly narrow stance, and answer the proponents shallow arguments in their Fluoridation promotion website; as in Utahns for Better Dental Health; "Keep Smiling Davis County" (linked below).

But before you look at their narrow focused (dental carries argument only) site, please read these items and see if they ever address them:

  • The Comparitive Costs of Mass Fluoridation vs.costs of individual (human specific) supplements and treatments?
  • The added Operations Costs and pass through costs in finished products -- and the potentual for increased product contamination -- for our communities' high water use industries (local, small agriculture, food processing, and all other soft or hard-goods manufacturing and water dependent services)?
  • The Source or (lack of) Purity of the Hydro-Fluosilicic-Acid "Fluoridation" water treatment additive (including the lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc. contaminates always present in HFA)?
  • (Beyond their presumed benefit to teeth) The effect of HFA on rest of the human body; i.e. the human systemic and cellular chemistry, the endocrine system, sensitive thyroids, brains, bones, immune system etc.?
  • The Effect on city water dependent Animals, Pets (including Birds and Fish), Horses and any other animals required to drink from culinary supplies of water?
  • The Effect upon culinary-water-dependent container-grown plants and/or city water irrigated gardens and orchards. (Note: Persons at end of water service lines will have little or no active fluoride "to benefit anyone's teeth" at all! -- This is Nature's and Water Fluoridation's Grand Joke! )
  • The Effect on city effluent and runoff absorbing soil organisms, fish, water purifying algae and aquatic life, ulitmately including the aquatic insects, birds, reptiles and game?
  • And why is it that the brokers of HFA (esp. Cargile Fertilizer, Fla.), who also (like ADM, Con-Agra, Monsanto) broker large contracted agi-suppliers' products or their own corporate grown produce, livestock and food products, will never allow or leave the Fluoride components it in their own fertilizer phosphate mining products (it must be fractured out), then even "outlaw" its re-introduction into their contracted growers, fellow corporation's or their own corporate agricultural farms operations and their own culinary or production water supplies or lands? -- and yet their HFA toxic waste overburden -- which they must dispose of and keep out of their own operations -- is somehow ok for your garden, your animals, your city family and you ?!!!
  • Is it really about sound teeth? specifically about dental health benefits for that tiny percentage of water consumers represented in teeth developing children? What about risking the un-metered water drinking pregnant mother's (research known fluoride sensitive) fetuses in utero, pre-dental infants, already Fluoxetine (Fluoride) medicated emotionally depressed and mentally ill, sensitive adults, cancer patients, and the already bone brittling aged? Or is it still subtly about sales for Cargile, all Mining, Refining (Including Petroleum) and the Chemical industries and their not having to pay their common toxic Fluorine waste disposal costs by instead selling it to you and by default, increase the profits for their solicitive Pharmaceutical, Dental, Psychiatric and Medical patient flow and human sickness dependent Industry? (At this point, you probably think I'm nuts and need Prozac's active ingredient, fluoride - phenfluoxetine right now! But I don't and neither does every human, life-form and creature in Davis County!)
  • And last, but not the least: What about our individual personal health, dental and medical (treatments and medication) choices? (or did we flush that one down the toilet with our mass-voted, mass-fluoridated toilet tank water too??? -- along with our liberally removed other personal and family agency, medical freedoms, rights and choices?)
  • Remember, the Proponent's site and their carefully crafted glossy and "pretty" paper literature, travel, lodging and time is well funded and paid for by the HFA waste Industry (primarily Cargile) and their chemical, pharmaceutical and medical beneficiaries already romanced in their grants, and through your chosen (or mandated) dependence, patronage, purchases and payments to them and to their carefully instructed and fellowed ADA Dentist, AMA Doctors, Psychiatrists, Pharmacists, and Educators, and your already tax supported State and Country Health Depts. and Public Education (Nurses) Systems, and all their paid publishers and (advertising) media!. -- So their shallow site and truth evasive propaganda is still ultimately paid for by you!

    As example look at the Old Davis County Fluoridation Proponent's site:
    (I am sorry but I am forced by my old farmer/rancher discontent and rage at their heartless fraud and mindless damamge done to me, my family's and my friend's small farming enterprizes, our economics and health, to choose to  use CREEPY  font to write in their web link here for you.)

    Unlike the Proponent's polished propaganda and website (linked above), and as it is, with me and most of my wrongly labled "Anti-Fluoride" (more correctly "Personal Fluoridation Choice!" demanding) friends and fellows, this Citizens For Safe Drinking Water Utah & Davis County site (and my supporting sites: WaterAndLife, etc), our research, experience, and our plain photo copied literature, our travel, my sleeping in my old van instead of a hotel or motel while traveling to lobby or educate you, our tabling and time is sparingly paid for by us, (and all maintained with what ever other few coins I can make myself or can beg for from my wife's modest grocery change)! 

    Saving something of my children's earth, their safety and their future, and you along with it, in return for our deepening debt, appears to be my only reward! But hopefully a better world and my loved one's lives not fully poisoned in it will be my children's inheritance from me. At this point, this dedication and my love for them is all I have to give!  Oct 3, 2004, TLR

    ... -- National  & International  Listing -  Education  & Organizations  |. Individual State & Community  focus Listings for:   Arizona   .   California   .  Hawaii    . New York,   .  Pennsylvania   .  Utah   . Washington    . Canada     . Europe
    Vote NO
    Friends don't FORCE Friends
    to Drink Fluoride
    Vote No! -- for yourself!
    -- your Children! -- the Environment! -- and the Creatures  who cannot vote!
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    Flouride Update

    This page created, provided& donated by Tom Rodgers, who for his observed diligence was also asked to run for State Senate
    If you are able to economically assist, please help me maintain this personal time and resource consuming effort - including this website which costs me $32 a month - to get you & everyone real education on fluoridation!
    I have used all I have had of my own money which included $2,000 for the State and County Fair spaces I purchased and made freely available for Citizens For safe Drinking Water Utah and Davis, and I am now dead broke, but -- with my exact knowledge and in good conscience, keeping any peace of mind -- I still cannot quit this effort!
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