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Fluoride Dosage and Distribution Control 

-- Fluoridation's Grand Joke! 
And Mother Nature, with her own laws of Chemistry, is the perpetrator!

The purported "dental protective, useful" form of fluoride doesn't make it very far down the pipe!
-- But the toxic heavy metal contaminants, that came with it, do!

As the most strongly charged and reactive ion in all of chemistry, ionic "free" fluorine (Fluoride) aggressively "seeks out" and finds Calcium, Sodium, Phosphorus or many any other soft (or hard) metal molecules with which to bind (while releasing, in the exchange, the other heavy metals, as toxic arsenic, lead, cadmium etc. which had been scavenged and bonded to it in the acid spray wash or bubbles of the refinery scrubbers), and will do so as quickly as available energy and the presents of its preferred solute soft (or hard) metal (or in some cases, complex organics) levels permit. 

That is precisely why it is hazardous to introduce reactive Fluoride into your body's free-calcuim (soft calcium) dependent nervous system and in all of its other inter and intra cellular chemical or electro-chemical systems!  So in your body (as with all animals or organic life forms), the powerfully re-active ionic, Fluoride makes the critical (electro-conductive) inter and intra-cellular Calcium Sodium, Phosphorus, etc., that it bonds to, virtually useless and inert (as an electrical insulator instead); and produces the "dumb-down" nerve conduction reduction affect of Fluoride - fluoxetine, the active ingredient, in Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.)!

So as soon as HFA (hydrofluosalicic acid, or the few variant industrial-source treatment forms used) is injected into the stream flow of water, the Fluoride ion will instantly begin its hunt for its dissolved favored metal, Calcium! and if not found, Sodium, Phosphorus (and some organic toxins included), etc., to bond to and balance its "hyper-nervous" ionic charge and ultimately become reactively neutral or inert as soon as possible.

So the sad Professional Scam, or better described, Grand Joke in water injection Fluoridation Dose Control -- is that you cannot truly control any Fluoride Dose that is delivered in water over any distance of pipe with its unpredictable flows and variant chemical compositions of that water!

Only the water service connection tee, within inches or a few feet of the injector, could have any meaningfully control of any so called "beneficial" (as the Proponents propound and persuade) dosage! - if not an overdose!

But, the "expectant", fully paying consumers farther down the water line! will receive little or no so called "Fluoride Protection" for their child's developing teeth (assuming that as a truth).
And the family at the end of the line will receive realistically no active Fluoride at all, but only inert Calcium Fluoride as will most others down that line, But they all receive the HFA introduce, then bond-exchange-released arsenic, lead, cadmium and the other waste scrubber contaminants!

So the only truly controllable and effective "dentally-beneficial" fluoridation treatment
-- is the one carefully administered, directly by a perfectly trained and precisely skilled Dentist!

-- certainly NOT the Industrial Waste HFA treatment 
administered by the bag or bottle dumping Water Master,
then delivered near or distant through his single point injector and his miles
of mineral laden, to sometimes highly saturated, water,
within his, also (Fluorine-ion binding) Fluoride hungry Cement and Metal pipes!

Again the issue is not at all about healthy teeth!
It is about getting rid of Industrial Waste, getting well paid for it!
and having every Profiting Collaborator getting their cut out of the Deal!

tlr  4 Oct 04

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