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Fluorosis In Livestock 


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Using my ten year old computer, these 29 pages took 22 (more of my tired, unpaid) hrs, over 4 seperate days to get scanned and into a form and uploaded for you to see, even though formatted in this simplist of a rough (GIF) form as is Click to Contributions pagepresented here! Please feel free to call me and ask anything from them you cannot read or do not understand. Any help from you, hopefully as a potential beneficiary, to fund the servers would be greatly appreciated. Tom R 298-9095
Dr Gene Miller, Utah State Universty "Impact on Plants and Animals"
"Fluoride Concerns Plants, Not Just Human Beings" U.S.U. Statesman News
Excellent, extensive Notes of same presentation by James Knowles!
"Their Strategy - 1951 (Nothing has changed since)!"
New Page:  "Fourth Annual Conference of State Dental Directors with the Public Health Service and the Children's Bureau"US Dept of Health, Education & Welfare (1951)
"Their Strategy Still - 1983!"
"Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law" - Univ. Florida (Spring 1999) pages 239-240
"The Smoking Gun!"
EPA: Hydrofluosilicic Acid? -- No Studies on Human Hazards! -- "The Smoking Gun!"
"There are Deaths from Fluoride!"
Proponent in Fort Collins, Colordo City Council procedures made false "No Deaths" claim -- 
the truth is there are many -- "Deaths from Fluoride!"
Cows as Canaries?
-- like Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Horses, Chickens & Pigs, who cannot sweat; all suffer, sicken earlier & die!
Animal Challenges with Fluoride !
An old worried Farmer-Rancher-Dairyman and Animal Biologist's
12 Reasons for Serious Evaluation of
Its impact in Nature, in the Creatures, then in Man!
If you still think, as an Old Utah Farmer (and experience established Animal Biologist), I am  talking Nonsense on Fluoridation's Animal, Agricultural & Natural Impact! including your children's beloved Pets! -- for a start, follow this link and read its resources:
Then, as this only shows the tip of reported research in Fluoridation's subtly poisonous "iceberg meltdown" for animals and nature, return here* for this old Utah farmers experience, knowledge and truth established logic! -- Then I dare you or your limited-only-to-human-teeth and human-health Dentist and Doctor and your Davis County's (human) Health Dept.'s solicited and profited Waste Fluoride Industry's agents, to prove me all honorable Veterinary and Animal Science wrong!
-- But be prepared for my old farmers "shovel and shot gun" attitude re-adjustment tools of expression and "Manure Kickin" persecutory tones of defense, which I must use in righteous protection of my family, my water, my land and my animals --if you still think its OK to add this all-life-form poisoning industrial waste to my loved ones, my laboring Pets, my Soils, its Biota,. my Crops and to all my Animals, through our  community's shared precious waters!

Remind your Fluoridation Proponents and their trailing Friend's that they are not the only life forms drinking from our City and County water taps or its resultant effluents downstream!

 *(WaterAndLife.org via Farmers, Cows, Chickens, Horses, Pets, Animals, Fish, Plants and Nature Against Fluoride.org)

Utah Water Facts Chart
New Page: During our serious draught (and consequent fires), learn relationships between your personal choices and water - especially the greatest use demand -- your food choices:
(Chart by: State of Utah Natural Resources - Div. of Water Resources)
Why Change Water Treatment and Use Habits? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!
Fluoride's Grand Joke!
Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's Dosage Deception! -- and Your Delusion! 
Water injected Fluoride's impossible "Dental Benefiting?" Dosage Control and its Distribution Reality!
Please read, print & share Pennsylvania Environmental Network Brochure (PDF file) cache
WaterAndLife.org: Pets, Farming, Ranching, Animals & Botanical issues
Animal Challenges, Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Fish, Farmers, Nature
Animal, Agricultural, Natural and Environmental issues,
as well as the Human impact of Water Fluoridation,
from an old farmer, dairyman-rancher, as an earthy, reality-focused life-scientist & author with personal knowledge & experience!
Periodic Interviews .Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio 12 - 2pm
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