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Notice to Artists of all talents, living, working or entertaining in Santa Monica:

Dear Friends, Actors and Artists:
Important to theater and performance is a healthy "camera ready" body and a clear "script ready" mind!

Those same abilities are equally important to all other indispensable contributing talents required for the great media and arts industry productions born in this city and home of some much talent! -- whether it be writing, music, artwork, staging, technical, production, and/or promotional skills!

Those abilities may be negatively effected or impaired by a choice your Santa Monica City Council made a few weeks ago.

A choice made with so few knowing of it, or not having sufficient notice nor information given, nor adequate opportunity to respond!

Please scan these few humble page and access the Internet references yourself, if possible. Once considered, see if you need to provide some voice on your behalf, or for this community's other less noticed residents, workers, tourists or visitors, -- or for those voiceless, yet dependent upon us pets and wild creatures, in this very far reaching human performance and environment effecting issue.

Thank you.

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