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Citizens For Safe Drinking Water .org
~~ Fluoridation of Any Water Is An Offense to All Nature!~~
Learn its Adverse Effects upon All Life, All Organisms,
All Animals, Our Children, Their Future,
You and Me!

Choose to Protect
All Life from any Further Damage!
Say No! to Fluoride! - And Yes! to Life!
*also see StopFluoridation.org
(Front of Shirt)

Water And Life .org
~ Do You know the Other Effects of Fluoridation? ~
The Plants, Animals, Fish, and Wisest of Humans do!
And they hope that you care enough
to Protect yourself and them
from it, too!

~~~ Of Any Water!~~~
Is An Offense to All Life!
Say No! to Fluoride! - Act for Yourself, All Nature and Life!
Citizens For Safe Drinking Water .org
*also see StopFluoridation.org
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