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Flouridation of Plants

One of the group of superb studies evidencing the damage of fluoridation to plants and agiculture produce (grown in California) is:

    1. "Fluorine"(Subject:Flouride Toxicity to Plants), Robert F. Brewer, Dept of Soils and Plant Nutrition, Universty of California Citrus Research Center and Agricultural Experiment Station, Riverside. -- Publish in text "Diagnostic Criteria for Plants and Soils" Homer B. Chapman, Editor, with collaborations of Frank T Bringham, Gordon R. Bradford, Robert F Brewer, Frank M. Eaton, Tom W. Embleton, Tony J. Canje, Clarence M Johnson, Winston W. Jones, Charles K. Labanauskeas, George F. Liebig Jr, Owen Raynal Lunt, James P. Martin, William Moje, Kenneth Ohki, Parker F. Prat, Walter Reuther, Albert Ulrich, Albert F. Vanselow and Ellis F. Wallihan,
University of California, Division of Agricultural Sciences, Riverside California
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