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Fluoridation of Livestock

    We know that little livestock is being produced in Santa Monica, or in any of the Fluoridated Cities (as you should curiously notice!*), but the science is corollary for your pets, the wildlife, sea life and your own human physiology, and is also important in your own and your child's meat, dairy, egg,  fish, and/or seaweed consumption in human ingestion and transfer effects!

    1.  "The Fluorosis Problem in Livestock Production" A report of the Committee on Animal Nutrition, Agricultural Board, Subcommittee on Fluorosis Problem, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C.

* (as you should curiously notice!) - see comments: Agricultural water references in Item 6: Illegal in agricultural water... and Item 7: We (farmers and ranchers) don't permit Fluoridation...

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