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Fluoridation's Ultimate Victims:
Fish , Sea Weed, Sea Mammals, Birds, You! - Studies!

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Sea Weed:
Sea Mammals:
For now you might want to re-read  sections #6 to #12  back in Santa Monica, Item 1:
"To the Mayor, City Council and all residents of Santa Monica!"
An old worried farmer-rancher-dairyman and biologist's 12 reasons for serious evaluation of
"Its impact in Nature, in the Creatures, then in Man!"
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and also see Dr Gary Null's Site and read his excellent and easy to understand pages on Fluoridation, then follow through checking his referenced entrees in his "End Notes" pages so you can search your local university or public libraries to expand your knowledge of the truth using those references and all else you can find. Do not forget that much important research at the universities is held in not so readily accessible areas of faculty privilege, usually called "Special Reserves" or "Archives"!

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