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An old worried Farmer-Rancher-Dairyman and Animal Biologist's
12 reasons for serious evaluation of
Its impact in Nature, in the Creatures, then in Man!
To All Readers for Everywhere:

Though written by this invited "old cowboy" visitor, as a water and earth-tied expert, to Santa Monica, California! -- This draft below applies to everyone, everywhere!

As a education and real-life learned animal Physiologist and Biologist-Farmer-Rancher-Dairyman experienced in the Real sciences and true personal labor -- this wisdom secured in truth applies to all! 

It will however be most quickly understood by my friends, families and fellows of Agriculture, all Animal Husbandry, Pet and Wildlife Caretakers, and those laboring in the Honest Veterinary and Natural Sciences!  But with a little thought all will easily understand!

You will not lose anything in taking the few moments it takes to read! 
Please read, reason, learn, then act! 

You have a responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, nature, the creatures and the Earth -- and preserving Her purest of waters -- upon which all depend!

Remember, that even though this draft below was written for the City Council of Santa Monica Calif. five years ago (and was also effective in influencing Woods Cross, White City and Holladay* Utah decisions), it applies to any community considering proposed water fluoridation, today, or ever.


*Holladay Utah was partially dependent on SL County water, so did not maintain her Council's Fluoride-free determination after SL County threatened lawsuit.

To the Mayor, City Council
and all residents of Santa Monica!
An old worried farmer-rancher-dairyman and biologist's
12 reasons for serious evaluation of
Its impact in Nature, in the Creatures, then in Man!
     Greeting /support to the Mayor and City Council, introduction to issue.
1.   Who is responsible for me. Where does this chemicals "buck"
      begin? where does it stop? will it stops here?
2.   Fluoride neuro-disruption (making passive, dysfunctional, sometimes dead)
3.   Delivery in drinking water as related to true dental exposure.
4.   Other water bypasses required by individual resident.
5.   Industrial demands and additions to fluoridated water pass-through.
6.   Fish, algae, sea-weed: The tail end disease and poison recipients,
      but front line provider to rest of creation! --
      Or the toxins collecting, "last but not least" -- just off our beach!
7.   Food chain concentrators -- or poisoned prisoners!
8.   Pets, game and livestock -- ill receivers as heavy consumers!
9.   Food animal concentration and pass-through to consumer.
   a.  game
   b.  poultry
   c.  nothing pure for the critters you eat!
10.  "The Heavy Metal""kicker"and not so innocent -- Liquid Cow!
11.   You and your child's yellow-orange toxic nightmare!
12.   Santa Monica, water, fish, cow, and you!  "Got fluoride?"
        Closure and plea:    Sanity, Safety, Sanctuary in "Beautiful Santa Monica!"

        The Coalition for Water and Life                      WaterAndLife.org

To: The City of Santa Monica, California                              12/01/2000

Honorable Mayor and City Council members:
      Today all life depends on you!

     As an old farmer-rancher and biologist I understand some critical issues related to water fluoridation, so must in courage pass that understanding respectfully to you!

     Mayor and Council:  Your roll today is a tough one.  Your burden with us is heavy and we appreciate you.  Our lives, with yours, and nature are in the balance, and all in this moment rests within your discerning hands. Neither you nor we can ill afford to lightly consider such a project without knowing the total picture.

     Our children always have and always will need good care, good health, and good education as well as good teeth! So also does their earth home and all it's other inhabitants!

    So you now must ask: Is this mass medication being proposed for presumed dental well being worth risking damage to so much more?  The evidence is clear to me and thousands of other experienced scientists, professionals and serious clear thinking people that if dangerous fluoride is to be truly any oral panacea or beneficial agent, it must only be administered through precisely controlled application, by skilled professionals, and most important, through correct parent and child preventative education, -- not in the defuse responsibility, continued ignorance, industrial foolishness, empty education and wrong information in which we practitioners and parents are now embroiled in this political buck and personal responsibility passing, -- to the potential poisoning of ourselves, you, me and all else with us!
     Your charge as mayor, city councilmen and women is that which is required of all honorable government!:
First finding and knowing the truth! Then acting honestly, honorably, responsibly and reasonably -- not only for the perceived immediate public good -- but also for ours, your own, your children, their children, their pets, all living things, their future and all to come!
You already know what industrial ignorance and scientific fraud have cost you in your own once sweet water wells.

So what water will your children have if we of the coastal communities flood fluoride into our own precious ground waters, aquifers and sea?

     You have the opportunity to give into becoming another toxic waste dump for fluoride's overburden -- blinded and oblivious to its irreversible impact in your own and our children's future! Or you can stand for your children's true chances at life, locked firm in courage and simply saying "No!" -- at least until all the real data is provided, proven, then possibly reconsidered. Even the best proponent scientist has not yet provided you the cumulative neurological disruption and deep inter-systemic metabolic interference and degradation data. -- Is it not better to error on the side of safety and on the future, than mistakenly kill it all with a microscopic ion you don't understand, cannot easily see, nor truly manage?

1.   First of all, I am responsible for my own health and that of my children's! -- As an independent farmer rancher businessman who fed at least a thousand of you, I know the benefits to all when I take responsibility for me! Personal and lawful sovereignty over my body, and personal care for my children, made food and eating possible for you! My voice and vote depend on your defense of that right of sovereignty! My health care stops with me! -- My food product and votes stop with you! Now both our health care and our tax buck misuse must stop here! Both our and your futures are now precariously entangled.
      So if or when a school nurse (I am also a semi-retired teacher) or health officer wants to truly and correctly help me protect my children's health and teeth -- should not she (or he) be screaming against the half-dollar soda-pop machine in the hallway or the sugared or salted industrial waste and lifeless junk food in the machines and cafeteria that our so-called "for-the-children" better education system willingly sells and serves my kids?  Is the system dollar and deviancy driven? -- even to dictating who will take care of you, how and what you are fed, and now, how and who will medicate you! -- all of course at a proverbial and always lucrative private or public price!
     I have yet (in my experience in the education system) to hear my fellow professionals petition with any noticeable vigor for real dental education or responsible health care through truly wise diets and hygiene.  I sense a parental and professional cop-out, with some very skilled manipulation and smart profiteering, as you, instead of us and them, are now put upon to become our surrogate parents, (and possibly) unlicensed and untrained Nurses, Doctors, Dentist, Biologist, Chemists and Druggists -- instead of the wise, fair judging overseers, guarding and rights-protecting City fathers as mayor, councilmen and councilwomen we voted you in to be!

2.   Second. Fluoride is lethal! You must know the chemical (as do I):  Simply turn a fluoridated tooth past tube on it's side read the mandatory warning and you will begin to see the toxic capabilities of the chemical family of the fluorides! Fluoride's lethality and its neurologicaldisruption capabilities came into light in the 1930s and its experimentation was in process through the Second World War. Serin gas and other fluoride nerve and mental disrupters were tried and put into massive use and have left their trail of passiveness, dysfunction, death and devastation of millions then, and mismanaged today, still threatens our surviving society, even now! The metals and munitions industries' waste fluoride and chemistry (and use of its neurological disruptive molecule) is the foundation science to SRI's (seratonin re-uptake inhibitors: Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc), so the toxic fluorine family of compounds must mandate the most careful, professional -- and honorable management, by men of absolute knowledge, integrity and dependability!

   Mass fluoridating the water takes that precise management capability away from the best-trained, experienced and caring professionals; and potentially negates all efforts to heal a critically chemical imbalanced patient and planet!
Is it worth loosing our minds, our will, or our lives over our presumed "cavity-free" but chemically emptied heads!

3.   For each persons few glasses of consumed water only a few grams ever contact the teeth or becomes systemically delivered through the blood stream to the teeth, yet all water drank or taken in prepared food is absorbed in the intestines then delivered directly into the liver, then through it into all other body tissues, including critical nerve and brain tissue. (see neurological disruption above) Added is the uncontrolled trans-dermal absorption in the shower or bath!

4.   Another roughly 200 gallons of (needlessly) fluoridated water is (or will be) presented in all other uses or activities requiring water for each representative individual of the community.

5.   Added is the fluoridated flow of millions of gallons of industrial water and agricultural usage or pass-through and runoff, all becoming part of the environmental aquatic contamination burden that becomes the water and water-end-products for all other consuming creatures, especially those off shore!

6.   Fish, algae and seaweed, as water-born-tissue and waste filter-feeders, do ultimately exist upon our sewage, industrial pass-through and agricultural runoff.  One "normal" serving of fish or equivalent seaweed potentially presents the absorbed heavy metals, halides, wastes and toxins found in the approximately 50 thousand gallons of that water, which filters through, in the organisms life processes, before it is harvested, delivered to and/or prepared for your consumption.  Coastal Fish already are toxic! And they are rapidly diminishing and disappearing as a consequence! Neurologically toxic fluorides previously released from industry are a contributing factor already! Do they intentionally need more?

7.   Also all these sea creatures are in the food supply or chain for most all birds, all marine mammals and many other land bound, but fish and seaweed harvesting predators. Each level up the food chain potentially multiplies pollutants concentrations geometrically! -- Please Note -- Educated bear hunters are cautioned to never touch bear's liver because of the ultra high concentrations of heavy metals and associated toxins, which accumulate in it, as most bears generally consume high quantities of fish!

8.All animals, pets, game and livestock included, consume copious quantities of water to manage their body temperatures -- primarily facilitated through respiration (since essentially little body heat can exit though their fur insulated hides).  Even a small dog will or a large cat may consume more water than a full sized man. Birds also are among the heaviest consumers of water for their body mass -- with the same or greater respiratory cooling needs as the fur-bearing animals. The birds already are dying and disappearing en mass! They are ingesting industry's fluorinated compounds and toxic overburden produced, used and dumped everywhere!

9.   But for the consuming human children and adult, the great potential for fluoride overdose is in livestock, poultry, game products -- including eggs and dairy!(discussed below) Though this may not appear to be an obviously connected consequence of fluoride treatment of Santa Monica (but I will shortly show that it is), it still should be understood for your choices, even outside of this municipality.
    a.All food game that is hunted and eaten, that is deer, elk, pheasant, quail, duck, etc are heavy water consumers (many comparable to my cattle), but unfortunately they do not have vote or voice to plead in behalf of toxin-free water.
    b.  Poultry, that is turkeys, chickens and their eggs become finished consumer products after hundreds of gallons have passed through them and left behind the in-volatile metals and toxins vehicled in their water and water baring foods! A serving of poultry represents ~200 gal of contaminant-bearing water, a single egg ~10 gal.
    c.Please note that no farmer can afford to give his animals thousands of gallons of purified, distilled, reverse osmoses or bottled water!  Nor can he sprinkle or irrigate their hundreds of thousands of pounds of feed crops with it either. As a former farmer-rancher-dairyman I never could! -- and I would be considered insane (or bankrupt) if I tried!  So those concentrated toxins do end up in your plate and in your children's too!
 -- Did the industrial waste wizard scientists give you the data on that yet?

10.   Here is the agricultural big one! As a former dairyman (and present zoonotic epidemiologist) let me assure you this following is the consumer's "heavy metal" (fluoride facilitating) lethal "kicker!"
     I attempted to open to you kind council members last Tuesday (but could not in a two minute slot) that understanding you need of the most viable and critical additive-and-toxin delivery vehicle ingested! -- that is dairy!
    A milk cow will easily consume as much as ~18 gals/day of water in a hot summer day to maintain reasonable body temperature. She will urinate out ~5 then be left to expel the balance through respiration -- which does not vent metals nor non-volatiles like fluoride, cadmium, aluminum, lead or arsenic! So these toxins must deposit in her own body tissues -- and more importantly, into her 6 to 12 gals/day of milk.  Her respired moisture losses potentially doubles to triples the heavy metals and non-volatile contaminate concentrations -- including fluoride -- in her liquid lymphatic glandular product known as milk!

11.   Then still through this thirsty cow, on the top of the polluted animal food pile, is her super concentrated dairy byproduct -- requiring 10 to 70 pounds of liquid milk to produce one pound of finished product -- in Cheese!   This is yours and your child's potential fluoridation nightmare!

12.   Now following is "The Santa Monica Connection" in the fluoridating of that far away cow!:
As an old dairyman protective of my trade, I hesitate to inform you, but if honest dialog in this life-deciding issue is required herein, then I must:  Among the animal slaughterhouse trimmings and tissues rejected for human consumption, used to protein boost and supplement my old poultry, livestock and dairy feeds -- are those once swimming and floundering aquatic animals, but worse, those generally rejected-for-human-use (including for excess heavy metal toxins), then ground, prepared, packaged and sold to me in my dairy feeds! Pacific shore fish!
    -- And this is how Santa Monica's fluoridated waters will find its way into my distant cow!  Already concentrated hundreds of times over, are the metals and toxins -- in Santa Monica's and California's Pacific shore fish! Then fed to that cow they will cycle back to you over the freeway in meat, in a bottle of white bovine liquid lymphus called milk, or its processed package of yellow-orange solid sold as innocently looking cheese! --thus multiplying Santa Monica's and California's shore pollutants in you! in your child! in me! and mine!
     So you "Got Milk!" -- you only wanted milk?-- but like it or not!-- you "Get Fluoride!" too!

Neither I, nor any fish, bird, dog, cat, creature or cow, nor my precious growing and vulnerable children, nor yours, nor any of the thousands of voiceless and powerless innocent creatures (including your food animals) in Santa Monica -- have desired, nor foolishly petitioned for, or need, industry's insidious and irresponsible disposal of it's fluoride toxic waste with it's impairing, impeding, cumulative neurological dysfunction, damage and dying mindlessly, dumped into them!

So, Honorable Gentleman and Gentle ladies:  Please now consider your own life for tomorrow and your future function, health, and fulfilling your careers, now placed precariously at pivot in today's potential fluoridation poisoning chance -- or your intelligent protective choice!  Your own health, office and sanity and ours all rest on the balance! The power for good or ill is yours. Tip justly the scale's decisive beam, over the fixed fulcrum of truth, towards our safest future!
     Do not forget all the thirsty animals dependent on you -- and the whole City of Santa Monica who, with you, may drink from or eat of them!  Super-fluoridated milk does not build white, nor clean, nor strong teeth, nor does it strengthen any bones or preserve any life or any in the future!
A super-fluoridated chicken or its egg is not incredible! -- nor is intelligently edible!
Super-fluoridated fish is not brain food! -- certainly not in my lab, not my science book! Not in me or you!

     Please take the time to identify any health or dental "hype" and take the "bite" out of industries dangerous attempt to put more of it's toxic draught into sweet Santa Monica, possibly in one more fooling and fouling crime!

     Intelligent, inventive, creative and talented Santa Monica not only is the mind, the pen, the brush, the art, the voice, the dance and joyous song of California, but of the Nation and all Nations, hence of the whole World!    Keep her that way!

Beautiful  and blessed city of 'Santa Monica!'
 -- sanctuary of the people-and-creature-guarding, preserving, healing, joyous and kindly nurturing Saint!
 -- or the depressing and deadly urban humanity-entombing metallic and chemical sarcophagus made in armament's iron and aluminum smelter overburden, the scrubber's drop-off and munition's phosphate wastage disposal dump!
May wise City Fathers keep her pure, keep her whole, keep her happy and keep her free,
so Santa Monica's healing light will forever shine out and bless the whole of man and beast in a desperately poisoned and struggling world!
May she forever remain as guide, guardian and Sanctuary of Safety, Sanity and Life!    (tlr)

Dear Mayor and City Leaders:  All life does depend on you!
Boldly hold fast to your honorable charge of providing for the public good;
But first of all -- Do no harm!

Respectfully, your supportive friends and constituents:
The Coalition for Water and Life,
For the children and their Earth,
Yours and mine!

WaterAndLife.org     NoFluoride.com     FluorideAlert.org     Citizens.org   DrugAwareness.org/studies.htm      Zoonoses.org
Please call, fax, email and write the Mayor and each City Council-member (ph 310-458-8211) Santa Monica City Offices, 1685 Main St, Santa Monica, Calif. 90407.
See: www.santa-monica.org
Want more info or desire to help?:
Ph.(888) 909-8176  or  310-395-6337, press # and leave message.
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Council Meeting - Riverton City,  was held Jan 4 2005 discussing continued Fluoridation (Reported in South Valley Journal)
(Share all links here with above 12 Reasons for Serious Evaluation for Animals & Agriculture!)
Please help us get these Fluoridation facts to the young Farmers, Ranchers, Horseman and caring Pet Owners of Riverton.
We older Farmers should remember our past crop and livestock loses from US Steel, Magna, National Lead (now Magcor), etc. (pre-scrubber released) fluoride exposures.
We need to make those memories, our wisdom, voices and votes heard! 
-- among all of our children and our neighbors! -- and at the next
Riverton City Council, 12765 S. 1400 West  Riverton, Utah 84065
(801) 254-0704 Ph.
 Riverton City Council Agenda  .  South Valley Journal
Cows as Canaries?
-- like Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Horses, Chickens & Pigs, who cannot sweat; all suffer, sicken earlier & die!
Animal Challenges with Fluoride !
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Unv Calif Riverside - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon crops
I have a library of research papers from my past and am now trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
NEW!  Study Acute and Subacute Fluoride Toxicity in Dogs Animals!
US Dept Of Health and Welfare - Fluoride Drinking Waters
From my library of research papers from my past labors; scanned, formated and uploaded today Nov 4 2004! 
(More Nat'l Acad, Dept of Agri, Dept of Health Welfare Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later  tlr)
NEW!  Studies Fluoride Effects in Animals  Animals
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect in Animals!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
 Please return as all pages will be posted -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later this week.
NEW!Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Livestock  Cattle!
Horses! Poultry! Pigs! Sheep! All Livestock!
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon Livestock!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
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