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Fluoridated Water in Santa Monica?
The No vote has only momentarily prevailed!

Though one battle for your freedom of choice has been won;
Fluoridation's assault will continue,
against free-agency,
against all nature,
and your children's future!

The deciding vote can bring back the initiative for a revote again!
So to maintain your rights, you must maintain your vigilance!

Three wise and courageous men, Mayor Ken Genser, Councilmen Kevin McKeown and Michael Feinstein did vote "No" on Dec. 5, 2000 for you on behalf of your personal choice, individual rights and individual responsibility, and did benefit all nature and life in this city. They did provide for you (but only for this moment) some continued sovereignty over your own body, by preserving your non-fluoridated water choice. For that, they should be sincerely appreciated and sustained in their wise and honorable careers of service for you.

On the other hand, to our dismay, disbelief and confusion, Councilman Paul Rosenstein did persist to sponsor the Pro-Fluoridation initiative! Ram-rodding the concept, Rosenstein hammered his position, jostling with manipulative craftiness as he repeated using the emotion-targeted and abusively used catch phrase "It is for the good of the children"! Councilman Richard Bloom then Councilman Bob Holbrook each curiously followed in high-step march behind Rosenstein, and parroted his rhetoric with the same vehemence, bordering in skilled, sophisticated, but worrisome provocation (or veiled rage) as they intimidated, argued, pressured and browbeat the dissident Mayor and his two Council colleagues. Thankfully Mayor Genser, Councilmen McKeown and Feinstein, as caring advocates of individual choice, stood firm!

But in the last failing heart beat and sealing vote of this freedom-of-choice-removing initiative, and when it's three intense pro-fluoridation-proponents saw that they could not persuade the Mayor, McKeown or Feinstein, then with an intent last grasping breath, Councilman Bob Holbrook resorted to and did his obviously carefully rehearsed and devious political end-run manipulation -- to endanger your future again (as done before in a previous tobacco issue dispute), by using a conveniently scripted, amoral, yet legally permitted trick.
Councilman Holbrook, with designed political prowess and displaying no apparent integrity to his own preceding words and position, switched his "yes" (pro-fluoridation) vote to a "No"! So superficially enjoining himself to the Mayor's, McKeown's and Feinstein's votes -- he opened for the future his easy way through that legal loophole of the council rules that allows him (as a player in the winning votes) to again, in a moment of calculated surprise (in his next year), reintroduce this initiative once more! You must continue to watch him, even more carefully, as he is now politically empowered and dangerously armed, as an innocent-appearing, unsuspected child (of-war), in possession of a live "fluorine-charged " hand-grenade!

Neither must you take your defending awareness or vision from his legally-skilled and astute comrade, confidant, and clone-apparent-supporter in this issue, Councilman (Atty.) Richard Bloom!

Mayor Pro Temp./Councilwomen Pam O'Connor was not present to close debate and vote, so she too could fall party to your future loss of individual rights in a nightmarish surprise replay of this initiative -- if she is so convinced or chooses. Please let her know how closely tied your rights-of-free-choice are connected in her integrity and in her defense of it -- in return for your support of and future votes for her!

These same cautions and conditions of support also apply to incoming Councilman Herb Katz! He must not be seduced or manipulated by the anti-choice water-fluoridation "task-force" and profiting proponents, but stand firm for your freedom-of-choice tied to his aspirations for political service as well!

Paul Rosenstein was released from his councilman ship as of this last week -- but he will undoubtedly continue to peddle his influence and apply pressure for whatever political investment, pride or motive exists for him in "his" fluoride initiative, at least until he sees for himself and for those he loves, it's personal health and agency-robbing flaws!

Thankfully, honest, wise and caring men and women, as they are, do change opinion and position with new, exposed or expanded knowledge! Admitting deficient understanding or human error and openly correcting it, demonstrates the highest quality of his or her integrity and character! This is theirs and everyone's way to self-respect, honor, health, inner-peace and freedom!

But in the meantime, the proponents and those groomed and timely installed and sophisticated health dept. and water dept. pro-fluoridation "task force representatives" with agenda (offering well-funded grants and rewards, from somewhere,) and their list of "sheep-like" organizations and friends, must be carefully discovered, observed, educated, corrected and/or left unsupported, ineffectual and stopped in this issue which takes away your personal rights of choice and personal health responsibility.

Please! Stay alert, stay informed, stay connected.
And -- Never believe that someone else loves and cares more for the "good of your children" than you do!

It's your water, your choice, your health, and your life!
It is the water for your children's future!
Choice must also be theirs!

Call: 818-780-3330, see NoFluoride.com , FluorideAlert.org , Citizen.org , WaterandLife.org
Santa Monica City Council (Ph 310-458-8211) www.santa-monica.org

Though written in constraint of time and duress, please read the attached draft, "To the Mayor, City Council and all residents of Santa Monica...12 reasons for serious evaluation of fluoridation:" (or access copy posted on WaterandLife.org) that was personally presented to the Mayor and Council members in their decision process.

You must understand Fluoride and its impact for yourself!
Also continually examine and determine the minds, motives and actions of these seven individuals whom you have asked to represent you in your desires, your rights and your well being!

Then always require from them correct decisions and wise governing based on freedom and the truth!                                                           12/14/2000 (tlr)rfsm5   ReportFluorSM(Dec14)54.3

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