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Santa Monica, California, Oct 23 2001

A Warning, A Plea, and for Good Reasons!
tlr -- The Coalition for Water and Life

We were right! Councilmen Robert Holbrook (Pharmacist) and Richard Bloom (Lawyer), and new member Herb Katz,  with Ms. Pam O'Conner in tow, have once again made their economic-political moves to force fluoridation upon the residents of Santa Monaco California, the last hold out and oasis of best (atleast better) water in L.A...

Once confident of being served a reasonably good drink and great food in the L. A . Coast's very best restaurants,.. Now, Tourist! Beware!
Fluoride in the  water also means fluoridated food, drink and fluoridated swimming and bathing!

Tuesday Oct. 23 2001, in Council chambers, the issue is again on the agenda. Please support our efforts to stop this proposal once again. Please contact each of the Santa Monica Council members through email, phone call, fax.  See Santa-Monica.org for contact info! And also see website NoFluoride.com  for more Santa Monica reporting and greater education on the issue!

-- and, please, if at all possible, be in Council Chambers, sign in and speak 2 minutes, heart to heart, with the Council (link) on your position, especially upon the infringement of your freedom of personal choice to determine what goes into you body, into your children's bodies, your pets and all living creatures* and vegetation** about you!

* Three profound (fully peer reviewed and duplicated) Studies evidencing the Damage of Fluoridation to Animals are:
    1. "Acute and Sub Acute Toxicity studies of Sodium Fluoride on Animals" by N. C. Leone, E. F. Greeve, and S. C. Greeve, in publication: "Fluoride Drinking Waters" F. J. McClure editor, U.S. Dept of Health, Education and Welfare, Nat'l Institute of Dental Research, Bethesda, Maryland
    2. "Effects of Fluoride in Animals" Subcommittee on Fluorosis, Committee on Animal Nutrition, Board on Agriculture and Renewable Resources, National
    3.  "The Fluorosis Problem in Livestock Production" A report of the Committee on Animal Nutrition,
Agricultural Board, Subcommittee on Fluorosis Problem, National Research Council, National Academy of
Sciences, Washington D.C.

** One of the group of superb studies evidencing the Damage of Fluoridation to Plants and Agiculture Produce (much being grown in California) is:
    1. "Fluorine" (Subject: Flouride Toxicity to Plants), Robert F. Brewer, Dept of Soils and Plant Nutrition,
Universty of California Citrus Research Center and Agricultural Experiment Station, Riverside. -- Publish in text
"Diagnostic Criteria for Plants and Soils" Homer B. Chapman, Editor, with collaborations of Frank T Bringham,
Gordon R. Bradford, Robert F Brewer, Frank M. Eaton, Tom W. Embleton, Tony J. Canje, Clarence M Johnson,
Winston W. Jones, Charles K. Labanauskeas, George F. Liebig Jr, Owen Raynal Lunt, James P. Martin, William
Moje, Kenneth Ohki, Parker F. Prat, Walter Reuther, Albert Ulrich, Albert F. Vanselow and Ellis F. Wallihan,
University of California, Division of Agricultural Sciences, Riverside California

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