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Santa Monica, California:

Santa Monica, California, Oct 23 2001

--- Oct 23,2001! Now the renewed battle for another year, 2001, has became reality, and Santa Monica's rights to untainted waters are being taken away!, As the last of L.A. Valley's Bastille of hope She is being lost as unconscionable brutes desire to contaminate even her with their corrupting dross for the sake of insidiously acquired mindless profits!
----The Santa Monica City Council and the "installed" and most highly paid Pro-Fluoridation Health "Professionals" and their players have gone at it again --- just like we warned!
---- And this time --- as you slept! --- they made their move --- and you lost!
---- Are you Ok with that?
I am not, and so many mothers, innocent and intelligent others, also here, are not! We all love our children dearly and don't want to poison their bodies, their future, their homeland and their seas for a measly few ounces of water of a Fluoride flood that ever crosses their teeth!
 ---  We demand, as is our Constitutional and God given Rights, to be able to take personal responsibility for ourselves, for our own bodies, all of nature around us, and our own dear children, while still caring for their teeth and not Fluoridate everything because of us!
--- No honorable man or women, be they politician, "professional", lawyer, dentist, doctor, pharmacist, nurse, businessman, teacher, or (even a highly paid or professionally compensated), so called, "health" official, or judge has been given any right to interfere with that human and natural right, by making, encouraging or enforcing any mandate for the mass medication of everyone and every other living thing, against everyone's and every living things 100% consensus and unanimous will!
So Santa Monica people's new battle follows! Read and learn, for your own home town's assault and your individual municipalities' personal interference or poisoning attack!

Flyer: LA/SantaMonica Citizens for SafeDrinking Water:

Santa Monica Patrons, Residents & Workers Call to Conscience & Action.
Santa Monica City Hall 1685 Main St, Santa Monica, Ca 90407

NO more abuse of Santa Monica's water or the rights of the people!
Just say NO ! to fluoridation!


Herb Katz  (310) 458-8201  (fax) 458-1621  council@santa-monica.org
Fluoridation Vote -- Voted for it!

Pamela O'Connor (310) 458-2749 (fax) 458-6686  pam-oconnor@santa-monica.org
Fluoridation Vote -- Voted for it!

Richard Bloom (310) 458-5343  (fax) 458-6823  richard@bloomlaw.net
Fluoridation Vote -- Voted for it!

Robert Holbrook (310) 394-1094  (fax) 393-7948  robert-holbrook@santa-monica.org
Fluoridation Vote -- Voted for it!

Ken Genser (310) 395-0223  (fax) the-same  city@santa-monica.org
Fluoridation Vote -- Voted against it!

Kevin McKeown (310) 393-3639  (fax) 363-3609  kevin@mckeown.net
Fluoridation Vote -- Voted against it!

Michael Feinstein (310) 392-8450 (fax) 664-6750  mfeinstein@feinstein.org
Fluoridation Vote -- Voted against it!

Above flyer content copy provided by and courtesy of
L.A./Santa Monica Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
P.0. Box 55335 Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91413,  Ph. 888-909-8176 --- Your Important Local Contact!
(other contacts: NoFluoride.com, write moderator at feedback@nofluoride.com or call 650-968-1424)

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