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To: The Santa Monica City Mayor and Council (and residents), Oct 23, 2001

Subject: Fluoridation

Mayor and Council members:
Honored Mayor and Council, it is true. Fluoride does reduce dental carries and periodontal disease! But it is its pernicious and very toxic qualities, more than its hardening affect of the enamel, that works it wondrous anti-tooth-decay magic! It is its power to interfere with, inhibit and/or kill any living biota which it contacts. So Fluoride does reduce the dental and periodontal destructive activity of the living organisms that flourish in your mouth and corrode your teeth. -- Primarily these are the choliform organisms brought into your mouth buy humanity's foolish bacterially loaded and supportive diets and useless treats promoted in our highly advertised, profit and sales-over-health focused practices!

-- Practices which profit an enormous multitude of "not-for-good-of-children" but "good-for-profit" driven industries, which then sadly appear to be openly endorsed or supported by our so-called "for-the-good-of-the-children" public education system! - Just check the school hallway machines - and now, the "fast-food" instead of nutritious food cafeterias.
-- Where is real wisdom in our Educators and child professionals who with bleeding hearts in your council chambers plea for children's health and teeth, asking, in blind silliness, for the dangerous antidote of Fluoride instead of promoting proper food that is nutritious and naturally limits dental bacterial damage, and then teach simple hygiene?

Fluoride does effectively kill mouth bacteria, but the truth is, so will any mild toxin's solution (like this proposed dilute fluoridation concept) of arsenic, lead salts, formaldehyde, Clorox, toilet bowl disinfectant, Black Flag, Diazinon or any other common poison. Any of those would accomplish the same dental-carries-bacterial kill - as does fluoride, but certainly no intelligent person recommends putting them into your mouth! So why put in (systemically, no less!) a potently more toxic compound than them all, in fluoride? Even in "low" doses! Would you intentionally add more arsenic or neurological destructive lead to your child - or your thirst driven pet? (Just read the warning on the sides of these poisons - note how curiously and closely they match the poisoning warning on the fluoridated tooth paste container! Clue!)

Man's industrially extracted forms of Fluoride do indeed vigorously attach, dissolve, enter, maim and kill the dental attacking bacteria and all organic and living cells, but that also includes even your own good cells! We administered fluoride bearing compounds in my University's hospital in our Cancer treatment chemotherapy to kill errant human tissues, but it also kills the patients sensitive good tissues! -- That is why there is the awful nausea and vomiting, the brutal sickness and hair loss with it. (I have been through it first hand myself! -- If you don't die, you at least want to!)

Fluoride is also the aggressive agent used also in the "non-intrusive" frontal lobe and soft-disconnecting chemical "lobotomies" of the SSRI's (Pozac, Zoloft etc.) in psychotherapy. It is the neurological activity interrupting "down dumber" power of the fluorine ion impeding or destroying neuron connects instead of natural signal management in correct brain chemistry!
-- So you have induced Fluoride "stupidity" instead of wise nutritional and emotional chemical balancing! Now there's another avenue of fluoride profit! Check the price of any SSRI medication and the doctor, psychiatrist, then the pharmacist (like Mr Hollbrook), and producer behind it!
-- Common sense nutrition and loving support has a much lower price tag!
So are you surprised that it is not recommended! -- It's heals at such a cheaper cost! and leaves out so many professionals and business beneficiaries! That is Not profitable!

So Fluoride is not about good health, it is about some "professional's" pay in biological intervention, toxi-molecular intervention nonetheless, and industry's provender, to treat our ignorant diseases acquired in foolishly chosen foods, mis-managed health habits and psyche!

So what is Fluoridation of water really about?
It is about profit!
Fluoridation in is Not about genuinely good teeth, healthy children, people or pets,
certainly not better gardens, wildlife, livestock or the environment!
Fluoridation is solely about gain and greed!

What else do I know which could lead me to give it such a dark indictment?

For a once farmer, dairyman/rancher, now a worry driven human-to-animal disease (independent and private) research biologist, sometimes called to testify or teach in many state, university, municipal and private epidemiological or health education gatherings, I have studied, been taught and seen the hard evidence of fluorosis in the creatures and plants, and the subtle neurological damage in man, and worry about our intentional unnatural dumping of this powerfully damaging causative agent into the eco-system.

Have you noted that Fluorides by mandate are withheld, that is, it is not permitted in the agricultural areas of California or agricultural areas of any other State! So what do we of the agriculture industries know about fluoridation for animals and flora?
After all, don't the cattle, grapes - or even the farmers family - deserve good teeth or blossoming health too?
You would think so!

Sorry, we clearly know how severely deleterious excess and unnatural fluoride is to our  livestock and gardens -- that is why the phosphate fertilizer companies extract the fluoride from their garden treatment phosphorus end products in the first place, then design its dumping into your city water systems for more monitory returns from its most dangerous waste -- and "legally" get rid of in the cities, you, your pets and the seas.

It is the money again! -- Profits again win -- based as usual, on the fuller knowledge and spin of a few greedy men with educational privilege, then facilitated in their highly funded dis-education, skilled psychi-programing and artful propaganda for you while tapping into your ignorance, your easy manipulation and willingness to pay -- even for toxic trash!
(I was once one of those chemistry educated and profit wanting "them!")

So you are still buying into fluoride?

If Fluoride is so beneficial -
why shouldn't the carrot and its farmer, or the dairyman and his cow, or the rancher and his steer be privileged to it too?  Here is the Secret - We know better! We have always known better or were carefully told. We who are close to nature and her critters are forced by survival in our very "biological" business of producing living things, to know better!

So our livestock and our gardens are not Fluoridated!

But now your LA Fish are! Oh, how lucky they are! They are so privileged to live with the billion gallon wash of poisonous and toxic flood of Fluoride pouring out to sea for them, -- for their consumption in the final drainage of sewage and run-off of the already existing fluoridation systems of LA. -- These "fortunate" Fish are now so toxic with already existing man's poisons, included now is their increasingly evidenced fluoride-phosphate bound fats! -- Now they cannot be legally caught, killed, handled or eaten in your restaurants or sold in your stores. -- Yep, what a wonderful benefit LA's fluoridated water is now proving to be for the LA/Santa Monica Bay's Fish!  Left alone by government mandate, they are now allowed to live. Privileged to live, yes! but in slow dying, miserably poisoned! You cannot have them for dinner anymore, nor for the foreseeable future, probably forever!

The Fluoride dumping industrial complex of boys simply view these poisoned Fish and the other damaged marine life or any other biota as the unfortunate and unavoidable "Collateral Damage" for their greater phosphorus, metals smelting, fluorocarbonate plastics, medicines and fluorine ion chemical profits making strikes.

Fluorosis in an Apricot, Avocado, Grape, more importantly in a Chicken, Pig, Goat or Cow would be the greater losses for the grand collection of many large and small corporations and businesses. So?! It is Not permitted!

But the sub clinical, specifically NOT diagnosed, left undetected or denied, Fluorosis in a man, women, pet or child is the medical, pharmaceutical, the chemicals industries' and associate industries of insurance, banking and law, wonderful opportunity for unmeasured financial gain.
So it use on you is being carefully crafted and seductively, even insidiously, demanded here, within you!

It Is The Money Again!  Don't you get it?  If you don't get it! -- their toxic waste passing through you will become your toxic waste! your problem! and you have "got it!"

A sick vegetable, a sick chicken, pig or cow does not sell or make the great conglomerations of powerful businessmen their money! And they know it! (Having been part of it, so do I!)
-- But a sickened or depressed human, or one with a sickened child, partner, relative or friend (even a favored pet) will pay all he has, even giving up all his property (as did I), or having it forcibly taken, to pay an endless line of doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, pharmacists (like Mr Holbrook), insurance brokers, lawyers (like Mr Bloom) (and corporate connected Mr Katz), then bankers and title holders as the sickened tries buying back some health or extended life through them -- and losing all to them!
Again it is the money, your money -- and everything else you may have ever acquired!

Fluoridation is not about health --
It is all about profits! It is about convenient disposal, greed, consciousless gain!
It is all about pure mass profits -- made upon our mass ignorance, our mass delusions, our mass diseases, then finally upon our mass desperation to recover and live! And still die miserable! And medically poor!

It is, sadly, these foully obtained profits and their well funded forces in unseen pillage that suppress, oppress, and press upon you here, dictating the pro fluoridation politics of this Nation's and this Council's governing chambers!
-- that is and unless you men and women of this City, or any, in honorable change and chairing, do with real intelligence, real care, and real integrity, courageously stand in its awful way!
-- and vote for the truth, real public safety and real public health - and sustain the citizens of Santa Monica's in their God given rights, some earned in sacrificed blood (some of their own) -- for their freedoms of personal responsibility, personal health and personal choice!

Mayor and Council Members!
Do not follow through to unconscionably mandate the poisoning of every living thing, simply for somebody's fraudulent promises and withheld truths, or for their own or some of you own amassing of disease and death based dirty fluoridated money!
Your opportunity is again set before you to be honored heroes of humanity and healing!
 -- or be the political dupes, accomplices and facilitators in this cash corrupted crime against the drink of all living things, in Santa Monica's waters and future, here after and for the foreseeable future, adversly effected forever.
Don't make yourselves a shame for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, humanity, or their earth!

Mayor and Council Members:
Reverse the industries' dumping of its most viscous ion of insanity* and deadly waste traded for profit! - here and now!

tlr, Coalition for Water And Life

*Very literally fluorine ion bonding activity in the brain contributes to and induces sub-insanity or dumbness, or all the way out to full clinical-insanity in sensitive individuals. And we are seeing increasingly more cases. (See work of my friend and fellow, Dr Ann Blake Tracy's

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