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Santa Monica, California, Oct 24 2001
To the Residents, Creatures and Visitor of Santa Monica:
They Voted (in the cover of deepest night!) -- A sad day for the Great Lady of Creativity and Nurturing at the Edge of the Sea!
Now a warning to Her Residents, Creatures and Visitors to Santa Monica!
In full understanding of an Ocean Park Community Organization poll and in defiance of truth and most other responses, three men and the one women of the council weighted their vote for Fluoridation of Santa Monica's water supply.

What a sham and a spit in the face of personal freedom over our own bodies and personal choice, which the majority of voices heard had asked to have guarded.

Voting for mandatory Fluoridation of the City water was Pharmacist Robert Hollbrook, Lawyer Richard Bloom, Herb Katz, and Ms. Pam O'Conner.

Struggling for right, courageously voting against and worried for freedom of individual choice was Mayor, Michael Feinstein, Councilman Kevin McKeown, and (Former Mayor) Councilman Ken Genser.

In intimidating presence was the hulking Fluoridation Implementation Task force's imported health officer with his line of 'bleeding heart" and baby carrying mothers, teachers and school nurses parroting for the "teeth and good of the children" but absolutely clueless of any other data on Fluoridation, except for that which was crafted and printed up in a very classy booklet by the Task force's industry supporting backers. None of their so-called experts gave a straight answer to Herb Katz' queries as to how much Fluoride already existed in the intake of Santa Monica residents or when an infant should have it. But apparently this was only a simple showmanship act and phony politics display on Mr Katz' part, as he voted for the potentially deleterious unmanaged Fluoridation of infants through tap water that a desperately poor mother's baby formula would then be made with, anyway. Is that his or their caring for the good of the children? In what part of blind and stupid do we all set?

Rational and good arguments were presented by the majority of petitioning voices, but those four pro Fluoride Council members over-rode the will of the people and forced Fluoride's waste "medication" upon all residents, inspite of the majority's rational consensus of their clear 'No' prevailing in public register.

Now, can you afford to shower or water all your squirrels, fish, birds, pets, your garden or the most poor with fancy bottled water. It now is the only answer! The Proponents never mentioned the danger to the fish, the animals or the flora, or the total exposure to humans through all other sources. Their message was always so narrow. "It is good for the teeth" -- and anyone desiring a better answer or opposed to them was a "crackpot!" They sad nothing about thyroid damage, liver or brain risks with unmanaged ingestion. Or overdosing someone already on a fluorine based medication -- such as Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft etc or the now used Anthrax treatment, Cipro! as are so many other (toximolecular) medications! Their experts appeared not to be experts in fluoride at all! They were however superb experts in their solicitation of it to those politicians, school teachers, nurses and professions (who now promote retilin instead of good diet and healthy habits) and the innocent moms.

The Proponents claim they want to help the poor through their tap water, but it is probably a sure bet they personally wouldn't be caught drinking city water themselves -- the surveys done already show this. So why not spend that money to take out already problematical poisons now in the water instead of adding one more to it!

This is sad day for Santa Monica, this once healthy haven, santuary and hold out of L.A, as its people, flora and fauna will now be additionally degraded with thousands of pounds more of a toxic additive, intentionally added to its once better waters within the L.A. Basin!

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