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Poster texts for: Prominade, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Pico, & Ocean Park Farmers Markets -

after vote of City Council,  Oct 25 2001
(1) Your City Council Just Removed Your Rights!
(2) Who do the Bleeding Heart Politicians & Pro-Fluoridation 'Professionals' really care about?

    Following is the main text used on large posters and flyers to educate residents of Santa Monica on while tabling at the Third Street Prominade, Venice Beach Board-walk and the Santa Monica, Pico, and Ocean Park Farmers Markets after vote of city council. (This was enlarge to 3ft by 4ft so evryone could read it!)
Please read and comprehend connections!
Let it help educate you too!
Dear Santa Monica City Residents and Visitors:                      Oct 25 2001
Your City Council Just Removed Your Rights to choose what kind of city water you can drink and what is used to prepare your or your infants food -- especially if you are poor!

Our message to City Council: "You can choose to Fluoridate yourselves if you wish, but do not fluoridate the innocent, all of nature, the infants and the poor!"

"It is easy and cheap for you to fluoridate your own and your child's teeth -- with toothpaste and rinses -- if you believe that is good for them!"

 -- So! Did not most of this City say NO to the Fluoridation of all the rest of their body tissues? -- especially their livers, adrenals, thyroids, ovaries, prostates, pituitaries, bones, kidneys and brains? -- through our swallowing it and ingesting it forcibly -- through those politicians, "professionals" and industrial promoters dumping it into the city water?
 --  Tooth paste manufacturers by legal mandate must say NO! and must have you call poison control if you or your child swallows theirs!

Don't you know that We corporate ranchers, dairymen, and farmers do NOT permit the Fluoridation of our cows, their milk, our chickens, their eggs, our cherries, casabas or carrots!
-- A fluoride damaged animal, its milk or eggs, a vegetable or fruit does NOT bring Corporate sales and Corporate Profits!

But fluoridated and sickened City dwelling humans, their children and their pets DO!
(Medicating and treating human (and pet) sicknesses bring enormous professional profits!)

But it is illegal* to fluoridate Agri-Business, their water or their lands!
So the fertilizer manufacturers must separate Fluoride out and send it to the -- what they deem as the  "useless," -- city soils and the sea "legally" and profitably! -- And they do it through your lawn, your kitchen, your toilet, your laundry, your gardens, your industries, your dog, your cat, your fish and bird, your child. and you -- for another additional profit!
So the biggest corporations, and your doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, insurance brokers, their bankers and lawyers win!
And You Lose!

So in whose benefit did Lawyer Bloom, Katz, Pharmasist Holbrook, and Ms Pam O'Conner vote? -- while pretending a "For the Good of the Children" cry as they forced fluoridated water down your infants and children's throats? And yours -- whether knowingly or ignorantly done!

In whose benefit did they act! -- Yours or Their Own?
Stop their seduction, sedition**, disaffection and betrayal of your innocent children, their well meaning, but carefully deceived teachers, all nature and you!
Stop it now -- while you can!

*(illegal: by intentional default of passage, or intentional non-proposal of fluoridation! then no provider can Fluoridate Agriculture-use water)
**(sedition: against natural and biological law; and against individual and personal physical choice - and Nuremberg Statues on mass medication!)

On the net: WaterAndLife.org and NoFluoride.com

Second Poster reads:

    So who do the 'Bleeding Heart'--"For the Good of the
Children!" Politicians and the Pro-Fluoridation
'Professionals' really care about?

    Even though Councilman Herb Katz could not get a straight answer on risks or damage to young infants,
-- from the imported from city to city L.A. Health Department Director, who hedged and withheld his self-indiicting answers,
-- Mr Katz still voted YES! and put all infants in harms way!
-- especially the poor mother who cannot afford pure water for herself or for her infants formula!
-- so for whom does he or his "professional" buddies really worry about?

Our advise:
Check him and the others Pro-Fluoridation "Professional" buddies!
Then Vote them out!

We applaud:
the caring Mayor Feinstein, and Councilmen McKeown, and Genser!
Keep them in! - it appears that your personal rights are safer with them!

To Santa Monica City and other important sites outside this WaterAndLife.org website:
a. Santa-Monica.org - for City Council contact, agenda, and actions. Your pathway for response to City Council!
b. NoFluoride.com - Local organization for L.A./ Santa Monica area!
c. FluorideAlert.org     d. Citizens.org    e. CitizensForSafeDrinkingWater.org-(expanding) National Index!
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