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More Posters and Flyers used in Santa Monica in our efforts to inform and stimulate public to communicate and interact with the City Council.

1. Fluoridate your own teeth only!...  . 2. Please get the Fluoride truth for yourself! .
3. Please Do Not let... Council vote (yes)!   4. Did You Vote To Fluoridate?

Fluoridate your own teeth only!

--- Not everyone's stomachs, livers, kidneys, thyroids, spleens, muscles, bones and brains!

Not our trees, lawns, plants, gardens, Pets, Fish, birds, and all wild game!

Not me, your Friends, our Tourists, our Restaurants, Businesses, Industries , and all of Santa Monica Bay!
And, most of all, do not fluoridate my children's future against their needs, wishes and their full free agency!

Tues. Oct 23, Santa Monica's seven Councilmen and Women must be demanded to protect all our rights to personal and medical choice!
--- Not force any powerfully potent toxic waste or prescription substance, down the throats of everyone and everything that lives!

Make sure they know of the correct governing that you require from them!
Let them know that here and now all our own health, with their integrity and their careers are in the balance!

Fill and sign our Ocean Park Community Organization poll here!     Thanks! --- And all future life will thank you!

Please get the Fluoride truth for yourself!
Then you must get the
Santa Monica City Council
To again Say No! -- to your mass Fluoridation
Tues Oct 23 2001, 7pm, in City Council Chambers

Petition them here! Write, call and/or be there!

Your Plants, the Trees and all Flora,
your Pets, the Fish, the Birds and all Animals,
your Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren,
and all Life to come, will be benefited,
-- and they will all appreciate you for it!

Your own toxic free present and future also depends upon it now!

Fluoride is a highly poisonous compound -- Please read your toothpaste container!

Please Do Not let
Santa Monica City Council
vote next Tuesday, Oct 23, to
foolishly and intentionally add
another toxic poison to our water!
~ ~ ~
Please fill out and sign our
Ocean Park Community Organization
poll here!
Make your wise choices and wants
known to them again! Now!

Did You Vote to
 -- your own or your children's bodies, livers, thyroids, bones, or brains, or your dog's, cat's, squirrel's, your food, laundry, garden, all wildlife, the environment, the fish and sea?
Well, while you were asleep,
three City Councilmen and one Councilwoman DID
And you had no say!
Is that what you wanted?
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