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"I drink as much as 12 gallons a day!"

"Think about me! my offspring and fellow animals!

Do Not treat my water with hydrofluosilicic acid!"

How are you going to prevent overdosing me! my calves and my animal freinds!
-- or my milk for you!

Tooele Utah has the chance to harm or protect its water and its other non-voting water dependent life!
(See all below including; 12 Reasons for Serious Evaluation for Animals and Agriculture!)
Please help us get these Fluoridation facts and our past experience to the younger  Farmers, Ranchers, Horseman and caring Pet Owners of Tooele.
We older Farmers need to remember Tooele and the area's past crop and livestock loses from old US Steel, the old Magna smelter, old National Lead (now Magcor), etc. (pre-scrubber released) fluoride exposures to our crops and livestock;
then make those memories, our wisdom, voices and multiplied votes heard! 
-- among all of our own children and our neighbors!
Perioodic Interviews of old Farmer,natural animal biologist & past Candidate for Utah State Senate Dist 23, Tom Rodgers, Helen Watts, other specialists and other experts on Fluoridation of Davis County
 Listen every day: .Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio & Web12 - 2 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!
Vote NO
Friends don't FORCE Friends
to Drink Fluoride
Tooele, Utah    I       Nov 8, 2005
Vote No
For yourself! -- your Children!
-- the Environment! -- and the Creatures  who cannot vote!
Please share this Web Site!  - and set out Lawn Signs NOW! 

Don't let your Friends, Neighbors and Politicians Fluoridate You !!!
- your child or your child's 
"Best Friends" too!!!

Get  your own understanding and help your friends,  neighbors -- and "Best Friends"

~  ~  ~
Note to our Utah State Citizens and Legislators
~  ~  ~
We Small Community Farmers are being hurt by being forced into paying the higher costs for any treated water we must use which will never reach the teeth of any children.

We farmers were never told of the true costs by "agi-ignorant" Health Dept. officers, municipal and state bureaucrats and its profitting and narrow minded promoters -- yet we generally must purchase more water than dozens of families combined, to grow, harvest and process our local crops and livestock products that help feed them and you!

We deserve the right to an honest, educated and rational revote! Now!

The Nation's major human food crop produer, California is fast running out of agricultural water, the Great Plain's "Bread Basket" Ogalalah aquifer, used for wheat and corn, is fast depleting, and Mexico, also with own population load and likewise limiting water, is not guaranteed as sufficiently stable to feed us as she must feed her multiplying own! -- So who will feed you if we local community farmers and processors cannot survive!

Help us survive! -- so you and your children can!

Support HB 64 - with re-vote immediate to preserve already stressed farmers with their thirsty stocks and productions!

Re: House of Representatives Bill #HB 64: http://www.le.state.ut.us/~2003/htmdoc/hbillhtm/HB0064.htm
Contact you state Representatives and Senators and press for their affirmative votes:
Utah House of Representatives Roster -- with links to District info, Phone, Address, Fax and Email
Utah State Senate Roster -- with links to County info, Phone, Address, Fax and Email.
As of March 3 2003 our Legislators may have just put the ax to what HB-64 had given us back, by passing SB-28 which may seriously encumber the Initiative Process -- see Bart Grants review of SB-28 at our donated site to his and others efforts in this Legislative session's watch: ByAThread.org
See other 'Utah State Legislative issues' reviewed by friends
on ByAThread.org
Livestock (as with all animals) are sensitive* to industries' reactive fluorides!--
They drink much more water than you --
so they must be considered and protected from it!

To my older ranching friends and fellows:

Don't you remember our livestock losses to fluoride poisoning in Utah County in the late 50's and beyond, wherein hundreds of cattle and other animals died around Utah Lake and Geneva Steel,  while man did not? But latent cancers, other subtle diseases and earlier deaths have now shown up in those associated human families later in the subsequent years.

-- We had several other industrial fluoride poisonings of livestock and game in the west deserts and our state's areas associated with our other occasionally careless releases of HF from our mines, smelters chemical, uranium, rocket propulsion and explosives industries within, but how short our memory or how carefully we have been steered around and shielded from that memory and its extrapolatable knowledge applicable to our fluoridation understanding and decisions now! -- 

So, my much wiser farmer/rancher friends and fellows: 
You must again wake up and "smell the fluorine ion" before your stocks, your crops, you and your children are poisoned - even if only ever so slightly or ever so slowly - once more! But this time it is foolishly intended, deceitfully promoted and mining and chemical industry profitable! -- not accidental!

Remember your cattle and other livestock (including most other animals) are humanities much more sensitive "canneries in the mine" for fluoride poisonings -- and they have never been currently mentioned or made any part of any Pro-fluoride "Health Department Officer's" understanding, propaganda or narrow-minded dental concern! 

It is obvious these slick pro-fluoride "professionals" never thought about nor cared about your animals, your priceless crops, you or your precious livelihoods, yet they have carefully succored your sadly mindless-to-agriculture's-reality Government, Health Departments, dentists, doctors, nurses, teachers and the voting masses of the cities. 

So they now get to "legalize" their profitable industrial-waste disposing way! - forcing it upon all members of our communities and leaving you and me with crops and creatures to become their most damaged and most bankrupted of victims!


1. *Animal challenges with Fluoridation
2. University / Government Studies Referenced
3. *Nature's Calcium Fluoride vs. Man' Industrial Fluorides -- Hydrofluosilicic Acid
"The Smoking Gun!"
EPA: Hydrofluosilicic Acid? -- No Studies on Human Hazards! -- "The Smoking Gun!"
~  ~  ~
So must the farmer's own health and his already difficult and delicately marginal profits economics also be considered and protected! --

Local farmers-- who must use hundreds of times more of clean and potable, drinking, cleaning and processing water than other community families -- will now be asked to bear the added already inflating water treatment costs as well as the deleterious challenges presented with fluoridation!

  No one from the Health Department, Dentist, Doctor, Nurse, City or County Municipalities or State Official has ever studied, discussed, addressed nor communicated publicly anything on the fluoridation costs or its impact with us, your vitally important community farmers - the hard working, dedicated men, women and their families, who are trying to produce safe, fresh, life preserving, cost effective and affordable foods for them and you!
~  ~  ~
Here is an additional amoral premise that the Agriculture money moguls, specifically Cargill, Con-Agra, ADM and their Fluoride burdened Phosphate mining and Fertilizer production subsidiaries operate upon: 

Another way to remove the competitive small community farmer from their desired larger corporate controlled agi-market (whose own corperate or contracted growers are never fluoridated) is to compromise the quality and raise the price of the independent community farmer's necessary water for growing and processing (along with his other operating supplies) -- and degrade his livestock and end product through it!

-- Is that not an important advantage gain and profiteering intent of these Large and already powerful, controlling, Professional aliening and Political influence-peddling Agri-Business Corporations! -- including the largest subsidiary fertilizer and its waste Hydrofluosalicic Acid brokerage, harbinged within the agi-monopoly of corporate Cargill*?

*Cargill-Monsonto-ConAgra-ADM-Kraft-PhillipMorrisall are the major "cartel-like" members and controllers in American's Corporate Food and Agri-Businesses! Yet Cargillis also the Nation's prime wastefluoride  financial holding company and profits as its purchaser, receiver, producer, processor and broker. Their hydrofluosilicic acid sales to the Nation's municipal fluoridation treatment operations is a sweetheart deal in profits, sustained in professional and political pandering and influence! -- while burdening and potentially removing the smaller competitive community farmers with his having to pay the inflating fluoridation treatment water costs, and potentially suffering the subtle losses of viability though livestock and crop fluorisis!
~  ~  ~
See Rock Mountain Bullhorn article on Cragill and fluoride below
Also the iummenseness of Cargill  and in Google Search: Cargill Foods, Fertalizer and Hydrofluosalicia Acid waste and more. (See Bullhorn News below )
[More data coming]
1. WaterFacts/UtahWaterSupply- Chart: State of Utah Div of Water Resources - "Why change Personal Behaviors, Water Use -  and Food Choice habits?" - To Save Water, Self and Earth!
  -- This Chart can give you some sense of the water uses required by your local farmers and ranchers in producing their eggs, milk, poultry, pork, beef, etc. which then must be washed and processed with sterile culinary water - as required by Health Department regulations, State and Federal law - then most of which becomes available in the same community as your fresh food!
     Obligated as large water users, our water cost increases brought about by Health Department's coercions and the narrow thinking voter's presumptions to Fluoridate will work to further oppress or ruin many of us! - as well as many other local high water use dependent and (already) marginally profitable industries!
    We in agriculture of necessity must use, along with secondary (irrigation water), many thousands more gallons of clean, potable, culinary water -- which will now be wastefully fluoridated! -- water which will never cross your or any other child's teeth!
    Yet, as producers of locally provided foods we are usually the community culinary water provider's major purchasers, exceeding many times the use and costs of any single family or even dozens of families with any number of presumed "benefitabled" children!
    So -- for your unfairly considered, charged and wasted fluoridation burden -- we will be unduly, unjustly and uselessly required to pay! Yet none of our now (or to be) more expensive fluoride treated water, used in our agriculture, livestock or other business productions, will ever benefit anyone; certainly not the animals, us or any child!

    We local farmers (among the other heavy users) were never presented with any true facts applying to our agricultural operations!
    We were NEVER given any biological or environmental impact studies or Department of Agriculture standings on fluoridation's effects! -- Neither were we given any honest cost predictions or over-run possibilities, or any other indications of adverse consequences, effecting specifically us, by any pro-fluoridation supposedly "fully educated" Health Department promoters! -- And neither were you!

    We are now finding out the fluoridation truths ourselves! -- sadly "after the fact!"  And we do not appreciate having been deceived by biologically and economically stupid or divisive professionals -- setting us up in economical rape, with potential ruin! -- and then also being additionally oppressed in an attempted political shackling and damning from a repairing re-vote by them!

     We deserve correct information! -- bureaucratic honesty! -- and true, educated, independent community re-votes! -- Now!

NEW! Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Plants NEW!
Unv Calif Riverside - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon crops
I have a library of research papers from my past and am now trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
NEW!  Study Acute and Subacute Fluoride Toxicity in Dogs Animals!
US Dept Of Health and Welfare - Fluoride Drinking Waters
From my library of research papers from my past labors; scanned, formated and uploaded today Nov 4 2004! 
(More Nat'l Acad, Dept of Agri, Dept of Health Welfare Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later  tlr)
NEW!  Studies Fluoride Effects in Animals  Animals
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect in Animals!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
 Please return as all pages will be posted -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later this week.
NEW!Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Livestock  Cattle!
Horses! Poultry! Pigs! Sheep! All Livestock!
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon Livestock!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
An old worried Farmer-Rancher-Dairyman and Animal Biologist's
12 Reasons for Serious Evaluation of
Its impact in Nature, in the Creatures, then in Man!
Cows as Canaries?
-- like Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Horses, Chickens & Pigs, who cannot sweat; all suffer, sicken earlier & die!
Animal Challenges with Fluoride !
Dr Gene Miller, Utah State Universty "Impact on Plants and Animals"
"Fluoride Concerns Plants, Not Just Human Beings" U.S.U. Statesman News
Excellent, extensive Notes of same presentation by James Knowles!
Article below courtesy of Rocky Mountain Bullhorn -- Direct links to their publication are contained below
Is this crude industrial waste - as described below - what you want to have us pay for and wash through all of our livestock, crops, everything else in the environment? - and our families?

  August 2002 Vol. 2, Issue 12 

Bite-sized News

Keep Holding, Please
Last month, Rocky Mountain Bullhorn reported that meetings for public comment regarding the fluoridation of the city’s drinking water would take place on July 24 and 25 ("Fort Collins Fluoride on Trial," July 2002). But on July 23, the technical study group assessing the drinking water fluoride postponed the meetings. According to a press release from the city, it is likely the meetings will be rescheduled this fall.

The fluoride used by the city is obtained from supplier Cargill Fertilizer of Riverview, Florida. The company transforms ‘hydrofluosilicic acid,’ a classified hazardous waste, into a supposed "benign medicine." The Environmental Protection Agency has classified the condensed vapor that eventually ends up in local water as a hazardous air pollutant (HAPS). 

The technical study group is looking to mid-August to release a rough draft of its findings. According to the press release, the group "has completed substantial work on four findings and will discuss adding a fifth on the topic of co-contaminants." 

At the group’s next meeting, slated for August 26, the public can attend but may not comment. 

On August 12 in the City Council Chambers, Dr. Paul Connett, an internationally recognized expert on fluoridation and hazardous waste, will join an open forum discussion from 7 to 9 p.m. According to Fluoride Facts, the group sponsoring the event, a number of pro-fluoride spokespersons will also join. 

-Vanessa Martinez

Rocky Mountain Bullhorn

It is really not about children's healthy teeth!
-- human teeth can be more wisely treated and managed without trashing our waters! -- 
It is about control, monopoly and profits! isn't it!
So How Big is Fluoridation's primary supplier and self serving agri-broker, Cargill?
Now take another look at Cargill in Google under Food and Foods  then Fertilizer  and Fluoride
"Their" Strategy!"-"Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law" - Univ. Florida  pages 239-240 
Water and Life.org

A real life, first hand knowledge of fluoridation, its risks, and the need
and value of protecting our precious waters, the flora, all animals,
all human beings and all life from it!
-- from a former farmer, dairyman, rancher, earth, human and animal
life scientist's point of understanding, labor, experience and view!
-- and he is not alone in this knowledge!

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