Water and Life.org
Ducks Against Fluoride / Fluoridation.org
Only Medical, Dental and
Political "Quacks"
would fluoridate me,
all water, all humanity
-- and all of Nature with us!
Ducks, Geese and all water fowl or aquatic animals are hyper-sensitive to man's reactive fluorides! --
They drink and pass hundreds of times more water and consume more water effected food and aquatic organisms for their smaller body masses than do you -- and they never were biologically prepared to ingest, transport and expelled industrial toxins, even in trace accumulations --
so they must be considered and protected from it!
~  ~  ~
Pay attention to the obvious and reported diminishings of their numbers and unusual die-offs in your communities and in the news!
~  ~  ~
Animal challenges with Fluoridation
Animal, Livestock and Agriculture Studies
(More data coming as I can afford the time and resources it requires!)
Water and Life.org

A real life, first hand knowledge of fluoridation, its risks, and the need
and value of protecting our precious waters, the flora, all animals,
all human beings and all life from it!
-- from a former farmer, dairyman, rancher, earth, human and animal
life scientist's point of understanding, labor, experience and view!
-- and he is not alone in this knowledge!

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Please let us know!of any Animal Shows (Horses, Livestock of all kinds, Birds, Fish, Pets, Agriculture, Food Manufacturing), key individuals, groups or group activities particularly in Utah that we can contact, attend and help provided education in this critical issue protecting their animals and produce. Also share these web pages with your Ranch, Animal owning, producing and Animal caring friends!
To Email us (for Water and Life.org): Ducks@WaterAndLife.org
or call 801-298-9095 -- note: your caller ID is required and recorded for call to complete.
Perioodic Interviews of old Farmer,natural animal biologist & Candidate for Utah State Senate Dist 23, Tom Rodgers, Helen Watts, other specialists and other experts on Fluoridation of Davis County
 Listen every day : .Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio & Web12 - 2 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!