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Infants are in a state of high metabolic activity while in development and require copious amounts of purest fluids for healthy growth.

"Prior to teeth development, Fluoride is not to be given to infants."
(American Pediatrics Soc.) 

A mother will not be able to restrict the fluoride in her own milk or in formula that she may have to make using fluoridated tap water -- especially if she is too challenged financially to purchase bottled water.

Infants for they relative body masses
are more sensitive to man's reactive fluorides
than you, an adolescent or any adult! --
For their size, infants drink and metabolize much more liquids or water (approx 20 times more per pound of body weight) than you --
so they must be considered and protected from it!

No pro-fluoride Dentist, Doctor, health official or persuaded Politician has thought beyond their already flawed concept relative to fluoridation's presumed beneficial dental influence to an older child's developing teeth to it's most delicate human victims -- the developing infants whose absorption rates and establishment into all body tissues far out strips any older child, adolescent or adult.
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Human challenges with Fluoridation  - its the Hydrofluosilicic acid!

"The Smoking Gun!"
EPA: Hydrofluosilicic Acid? -- No Studies on Human Hazards! -- "The Smoking Gun!"
(More data coming!)
Water and Life.org

A real life, first hand knowledge of fluoridation, its risks, and the need
and value of protecting our precious waters, the flora, all animals,
all human beings and all life from it!
-- from a former farmer, dairyman, rancher, earth, human and animal
life scientist's point of understanding, labor, experience and view!
-- and he is not alone in this knowledge!

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Some Young Children Get 
Too Much Fluoride In Caring for Teeth
Tara Parker-Pope

December 21, 1998

 THE FLUORIDATION of public water systems in the U.S. since 1945 is often hailed as one of the great public-health advances of the century. Today, many children reach adulthood without a single cavity. [NOTE: Almost every mass-media article starts out with this same mantra..]

But now health researchers are questioning whether Americans, particularly children, may have too much fluoride in their diets. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control just completed a study, to be published early next year, showing that children are exposed to fluoride from a variety of sources, including drinking water, toothpaste, fluoride supplements and even grape juice. "There probably is excess exposure," says Kit Shaddix, fluoride team leader at the CDC's division of oral health.

For years, groups [including some of top scientists in the world] have opposed the fluoridation of public water systems, blaming fluoride for ailments ranging from allergies to cancer. But the CDC is quick to say excess fluoride causes problems that are cosmetic, with no other adverse health consequences. [Wow, another 100% safe for everybody claim. If it's so safe, why worry how much our kids get??] Fluoride does occur naturally in many foods, including tea.

The CDC says the biggest problem is an apparent increase in dental fluorosis, an unsightly and permanent discoloration of teeth. [What CDC calls cosmetic] Fluorosis is caused by overexposure to fluoride at a time when teeth are just forming, often leaving them stained brown with white spots. Only children under six years old are vulnerable. A recent national study found that 22% of U.S. children have some form of fluorosis. Bleaching can't fix it. Dentists often use expensive veneers to cover the teeth.

Fluoride toothpastes are among the culprits. Two years ago, Colgate-Palmolive paid a family in Britain a "goodwill" payment of £1,000 (about $1,600) after a child developed a severe case of fluorosis. [Remember, the CDC says this is a cosmetic defect]

Terry Loftus, a spokesman for Procter & Gamble, which makes Crest, says "Toothpaste with fluoride is considered an over-the- counter drug." Parents should supervise their children under six" when using it.

ANOTHER PROBLEM, says the CDC, is that some doctors [dentists??] are overprescribing fluoride supplements for children.

"A whole lot less need supplements, " says Dr. Shaddix. "Pediatricians and dentists routinely give out fluoride supplements in fluoridated areas. But you put those two together, and you could get a big problem with fluorosis."

The CDC also wants doctors and dentists to get a better idea of a child's eating and drinking habits before prescribing supplements. Some foods such as grape juice and tea-contain more fluoride than fluoridated water. Some grape juice has fluoride content of as much as 1.7 parts per million, compared with one part per million in fluoridated water. Teas can have between two and 10 parts per million of fluoride. Colas, soft drinks and juices that are bottled in areas where the public water supply is fluoridated also contain fluoride.

The CDC is calling for new labeling rules requiring manufacturers to list a product's fluoride content.

If parents fear their child isn't getting enough fluoride, they should talk with their doctor about other possible sources, such as juice and colas, before resorting to supplements.

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Interview of old Farmer & Candidate for Utah State Senate Dist 23, Tom Rodgers, on Fluoridation of Davis County
 Today:.Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio 10/28/04,  12:30 - 1 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!