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Micro-Biota / Soil Bacteria
All nature  is the final receiver of whatever man puts into his air, waters and soils. Man's un-natural fluorides* accumulate and react within, and damage all life forms... the surface and soil micro biota (bacteria), amebae, protists, nematodes, annelides, oligochaeta. (earthworms), plants, insects, animals, fish, birds, game, and all other life forms; and it, or its consequences, always cycling back into man!

Soil Bacteria (soil micro biota) are at the foundation of all life, and are critical to converting soil minerals in their normal metalic states into the organic forms that the plant roots can absorb. So as we foolishly poison the soil organisms, the plants fail also! The plants are symbiotically dependent upon these microscopic "animals" to digest the metalic minerals and expel them as their organic "manure" form of those original minerals, that can only be absorbed in that organic form by any plant's roots.

You can often (even without microscope) observe those concentrated colonies of critical soil bacteria clustered and clinging symbiotically to the villi of the plant roots. These are impaired and killed as they are exposed to anything to more than nature's reactively neutral calcium (etc.) fluorides. The reactive ionic fluorine (e.g. in Hydrofluosilicic Acid) re-binds with the essential soft calcium of the soil bacteria, impairing its intra cellular information electical conduction and chemistry, paralyzing and/or killing the bacteria!

Based upon that fact, many herbicides are formulated with fluoride variants, to use that soil bacteria-fluoride impairment factor!

But also based upon that fact, is the necessity of refining the fluorides (and its associated toxins) from out of phosphates which are to be sold to the agricultural industries as fertilizers, soil nutrient boosters and/or conditioners!

If you ruin the bacteria, you ruin the plants, then you ruin the cow, you will ruin the farmer, and his family; and finally, over the course of time, you ruin the community, its hungry and dependent creatures, with all other life and its entrained mankind! Think small and save all!

No Dentist, Doctor, school nurse or persuaded Politician has thought or researched beyond their already flawed concept relative to fluoridation's presumed beneficial dental influence to children's developing teeth to it's true victims -- the flora, fauna soil organisms (micro biota) and sea life required to ultimately absorb every treated and poisonous gallon! Then ultimately circling back to us, our children and their children beyound!tlr 10/30/04
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Reference to Agricultural Studies
Animal challenges with Fluoridation
*Nature's Calcium Fluoride vs. Man' Industrial Fluorides
(More data coming!)
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Is a real life, first hand knowledge of fluoridation, its risks, and the need
and value of protecting our precious waters, the flora, all animals,
all human beings and all life from it!
-- from a former farmer, dairyman, rancher, earth, human and animal
life scientist's point of understanding, labor, experience and view!
-- and he is not alone in this knowledge!

NEW! Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Plants NEW!
Unv Calif Riverside - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon crops
I have a library of research papers from my past and am now trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
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