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New Year's Eve Party, Jerry Rubin.
Jerry Rubin's Alliance for Survival - Santa Monica New Year's Eve Party

    The Founder of The Alliance For Survival and sponsor of this gathering is the World famed lifetime activist, Jerry Rubin. He has endlessly labored publicly and politically to preserve Equity, Safety and Peace for all people, creatures and the ecology. This is his New Year's Eve gathering of like minded friends, like you! -- and you ought to be there, connect and enjoy, if you can!
    You should also see him at other times and stay connected on all effecting issues, especially those for the Community of Santa Monica and the adjacent areas!
    Please become an active voice for the public good and your own good and be part of the Community's problem solving processes and its solutions. Come become acquainted with those others like you, who care for your health, happiness and freedoms, as does Jerry. These friends of his, here gathered, are the good hearted, willing to serve, active friends of Earth, all Humanity and you!
    Call 310-399-1000.  Be sure to stop and visit with Jerry at his "table" on the 3rd Street Promenade, usually  just South of the Arizona St Corner, each weekend that the weather permits!

Stay connect with Jerry in the Fluoridation of Santa Monica issues!
 --  Also help Jerry in his other current labors for the disabled of Santa Monica! -- as he petitions the City Council for the formation of a Santa Monica City Advisory Commission on Disabilities! (click  to learn more)
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  -- 16.  City Councilman's Insight into purchase of hydrofluosilicic acid for his city of Escondido.

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