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Welcome to Santa Monicans for Safe Drinking Water Coalition
a grass-roots research / activist Coalition -- established early 2002.

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A recent Santa Monica Mirror editorial, A Violation of Rights,  resulted in a flood of letters from here and abroad. 
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An earlier Santa Monica Sun report, Fluoridation: How Safe Will Our Water Be?. Please view at:

Other important report and data websites A premier resource;  constantly up-dated news...Has a new staffed research team--available for members. International scope.   A key West Coast resource.  See the lawsuit docs., especially the pivotal case now working its way at Escondido, CA.   Also:   "The Highlights in North American Litigation..." Highly significant. Reviews three-landmark lawsuits with findings against fluoridation.   Parents with Fluoride Poisoned Children; another rich resource; many details on high F-foods, thyroid, toxicology data... more.; and   N.Y. State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation-  excellent up-dating resources.   "Dr. Kennedy Speaks out on Fluoride".   A leading respected dentist's concise and uninhibited report.  "The Selling of Fluoridation in America".-- Dr. John Lee's enlightening revelations.  "The Dangers of Fluoride" -report.
(Every F-thinking community should see this.)    More must-views.  Straightforward, well formulated research   Noted journalist George Glasser's "Dead Rats" incisive and key report.  Is unjustly under-publicized.   Material Safety Data Sheet on Sodium Fluoride - provided by its vendor.  (SM's latest F-chemical choice.) 

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