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Layton City Council Meeting Tonight April 3rd
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Note to my Utah State Senators
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Small Community Farmers are being hurt by being forced into paying the higher costs for treated water which will never reach the teeth of any children.

We farmers were never told the true costs by Health Dept. officers, municipal bureaucrats or promoters -- and we usually must purchase more water than dozens of families combined -- to help feed them and you!

We deserve the right to an educated revote! Now!

California is fast running out of agricultural water, the Great Plain's Ogalalah aquifer is depleting, and Mexico, also with limiting water, is not guaranteed as sufficiently stable and must feed her multiplying own! -- So who will feed you if we locals cannot survive!

Help us survive! -- so you and your children can!

Support HB 64 - with re-vote immediate to preserve already stressed farmers with their thirsty stocks and productions!

As of March 3 our Legislators may have just put the ax to what HB-64 had given us back, by passing SB-28 which may seriously encumber the Initiative Process -- see Bart Grants review of SB-28 at our donated site to his and others efforts in this Legislative session's watch: ByAThread.org
See other 'Utah State Legislative issues' reviewed by friends
on ByAThread.org
Re: House of Representatives Bill #HB 64: http://www.le.state.ut.us/~2003/htmdoc/hbillhtm/HB0064.htm
Contact you state Representatives and Senators and press for their affirmative votes:
Utah House of Representatives Roster -- with links to District info, Phone, Address, Fax and Email
Utah State Senate Roster -- with links to County info, Phone, Address, Fax and Email
Davis County Fair 2002!
Wed. Aug 14 - Sat Aug 17, 
at Legacy Fairpark, Farmington, Utah
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Our expo space secured by this website's key author:
Thomas L. Rodgers - The Vegetarian Cowboy and Scientist!
will have information on many interconnected issues including:
LifeSave, education in human health and disease transmission to humans,
WaterAndLife, on water fluoridation and conservation, and;
Joyce Kinmonts LDSHomeEducationAssociation,
Dr.Ann Tracy's anti-depressants education
Jack Monnett's LDS Archive Publishing,
LDSVeg, and more. See Fair info

Meeting...Woods Cross City Council
Date: 7/17/01
A signed petition will be presented tonight,
Tuesday, July 17th, in Woods Cross City

City Council Meeting
Woods Cross City Hall
1555 South 800 West
Woods Cross, Utah
6:30 PM

Woods Cross City Council will be presented a petition signed by 503 residents.
The council will then have 30 days to either adopt the proposed ordinance or
reject it. Rejecting the ordinance or not taking any action would
automatically result in a citywide revote this fall.

Meeting's agenda.

JULY 17, 2001
6:30 P.M.

1. Review of Agenda MAYOR
2. Consideration to Approve Minutes MAYOR
3. Open Session (Brief Items) MAYOR
4. Approval of Cash Disbursements MAYOR
5. Resolution Proclaiming Woods Cross City as a National MAYOR - Kids Day
6. Consideration to Adopt Resolution Adopting Certified Tax MAYOR Rate for
2001 Tax Year
7. Presentation of Anti-Fluoridation Ordinance Initiative FOSTER - Petition
to the City Council
8. Consideration to Approve England Subdivision Final Plat STEPHENS
9. Hearing of Appeal by Menlove Dodge Toyota of Landscaping MAYOR -
Requirements on Car Lot Expansion
10. Planning Commission Appointment MAYOR
11. Board of Adjustments Appointment MAYOR
12. Consideration to Approve Lease Agreement with the MAYOR - Union Pacific
Railroad for Phillips Cut-Off Road
13. Woods Cross Business Concerns WEILER
14. Open Session MAYOR
15. Fire District Report MAYOR
16. Wasatch Energy District Report MAYOR
17. Planning Commission Report STEPHENS
18. Mosquito Abatement Report TRAEDEN
19. City Administratorâ€ôs Report URESK

The public is invited to participate in all City Council Meetings. If you
need accommodations to participate in the City Council meeting, please call
the City Administratorâ€ôs Office at 292-4421. Please provide at least 3 days
notice for adequate arrangements to be made.

links to agenda:
hyperlink:    Agendas - 2001
address:   http://www.woodscross.com/cityhall/agenda/2001/2001agenda.htm

ACTION...Utah State Capitol
Date: 7/16/01

Implementation of Water Fluoridation Task Force Meeting is today,
Monday, July 16th, at 3:00.
This is the Task Force that was set up by the Utah
Legislature during its past session.  Here is the agenda....


Monday, July 16, 2001 - 3:00 p.m. - Room 403 State Capitol Building

1. 3:00  Call to Order and Introduction of Task Force Members

2. 3:05 Water Fluoridation

  a.  Implementation Issues; and
  b.  Recommendations for State Regulation
  Blair Blonquist, Water Superintendent, Brigham City
3.  Recommendations for State Regulation of Water Fluoridation

3:35 Brent Bradford, Deputy Director, Department of Environmental Quality;
and Kevin Brown, Executive Secretary, State Drinking Water Board

4:05 Dr. William Kidder, D.D.S., member, Salt Lake Valley Health Board

4:20 Attorney Working Group - Salt Lake County

4. 4:35 Committee Business

5. 4:45 Adjourn 

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