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An Algae, Spirulina, Kelp, Nori, Carrageenan, Agar-agar, Sea-Weed Caution!

I have noticed that most people - especially vegetarians or vegans (which completely I am) - do not have a correct understanding or knowledge of the micro-animal family in which algae and all the so-called "sea-weeds" belong! -  So most believing them to be vegetable matter, do eat them!

To call algae, kelp, nori, spirulina (sometimes spelled: spiralina), carrageenan or any "sea-weed" a "vegetable" is biological folly or simple ignorance of marine life fact! All so-called algae or seaweeds are made up of primitive animal cells called protists and are cyano-bacteria or flagellates - tiny animal cells! 

They do exist as single cell organisms, as in the "algae", or as cooperating individuals in multi-celled (labor-organized) colonies, as in kelp, nori and all the other larger and complex "sea-weeds". (misnomer)

As with all other animals, these are oxygen consumers (not providers), so they will markedly deplete water of oxygen available to fish and all other sea life when excess blood, body fluids, decomposing animal tissues and animal wastes allow their "blossom" or "bloom" to occur in, and thus choking, a river, lake or sea!

Their "plant-like" structuring permits any colony of these organisms to take advantage of the water's layered current differentials - hence a continuously renewing food supply is provided to all individuals. But of equal survival value to the organism is its additional incorporating of chloroplast-like organelles. These chloroplast-like organelles in these submerged organisms rarely receive any appreciable sunlight for energy conversion value, but do really serve by its exhibiting of plant-like colors to camouflage the organisms as a plants - thus avoiding being devoured by fish and all sea mammals - all of which are obligate carnivores!

It is important for you to understand that all algae and sea-weeds also are obligate carnivores - filter-feeding upon bacteria, viruses, amoebas, and all decomposing animal fluids, tissues and waste! - They also pick, accumulate and concentrate all the toxins of man, industry, livestock, game, and runoff in the rivers and oceans. That waste is their food and its collection into themselves is their function. -- Do you want it to be yours?

Also you need to understand that as a small animal organism the algae (all sea-weeds) produce in their life chemical processes the base hormones - that is, the steroids extant to all animal life! These steroids (hormones) stimulate or manipulate all animal life processes - including yours! The common supplemental ingestion of algae and sea-weed facilitates the factual reason and explanation as to why several Olympic participants were recently tested positive for steroids, even when they and their trainers were certain and certified that no illicit steroids had been given to them!      What they and you don't know - will hurt you!

Also know, as an associate to key marine disease biologists, we track and identify the viruses first in the algeas, then fish and sea mammals early in the year so as to permit the prediction of what strains of influenza, RSV, etc will passed through the marine-life-scavenging birds, then literally be flown to the game and livestock - and finally through those animal's (packaged and sold) fluids and tissues to your infant and you! Our identification of the pathogens earlier in the algae and marine life is how the vaccines are predetermined, formulated, cultured and prepared. But this year the birds confused by strange weather have tricked us a little with their changed travels and different mixing of migratory routes. So the vaccine producers must now reformulate! It is this unforeseen viral mixing/mutation and migratory delay that is the vaccine preparation problem, not a "shortage!"

So if you want to avoid viral (and mycobacterial) contact, heavy metals and halides (like mercury, fluoride, etc), steroids, antigenic reactions (autoimmune triggers), the consumption of animal tissues, chemical pollutants, agricultural and industrial runoff and nature's waste; then you must leave the algaes (all sea weeds) to do their divinely designed function -- to filter nature's and your waters -- while you do your divinely designed function -- to protect and preserve it! -- and your own life through it! 

You don't eat your water filter! That is not smart at all! 
The Algaes (all seaweeds) are Nature's water filters! So don't be fooled into purchasing and putting them and the filthy and hazardous filtrates they have consumed into you or anyone else you love!

tlr/LSI (1/1/2001)

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News article that helps support what I have told you (above) about all Algae and "Sea Weeds" from the beginning!

Here below is a little truth revealed in the news:

Not only Shellfish (incl. baby oysters) are affected by this sewage issue, but look what is revealed about everyone's "soup additive" "salad" or "supplement" --algae!:
What does algae enjoy consuming that make it flourish / reproduce / bloom?
What does algae do for oxygen levels for the other fish and other Marine life?

If algae where a plant -- as you have been fooled into believing -- would it not be releasing free oxygen for the fish and other marine animals to use? -- With the help of sunlight, all other plants do!. 
Be observant and reason! Don't buy the parroted wives-tails of those who have never worked in a marine biology lab or of those who want to make an impression to gather followers or money based on both his own and your ignorance!
Seaweed needs oxygen, Seaweed IS NOT vegetation! 
Seaweed (i.e. algae) loves sewage, Seaweed IS "living sewage!"
After working with seaweed research 40 years ago (and on occasions currently today) I new what this stuff really is -- and even before I was smart enough to become totally vegan -- you still would never catch me putting that dirty filth-filter-feeder camouflaged as plants (as are many other forms of animal marine life) into my body, into my child or into some one else I love!

tlr 7/6/03

From: AOL News 7/6/03:
To: LifeSave.org / Water and Life.org

N.J. Sewage Spill May Affect Shellfishing

.c The Associated Press 

HIGHLANDS, N.J. (AP) - It was shaping up as a good day for Robert Tomaszewski. His small boat was laden with baskets of clams bound for the dock, and they looked robust and healthy.

But it was one of the few good days he and other clammers have had this year after being idled for about six weeks due to a spill that flooded the Raritan River with more than a half-billion gallons of raw sewage.

While the leak has been repaired and watermen have been allowed back out onto the Raritan and Sandy Hook bays, all parties concerned are anxiously waiting to determine the long-term effects of the spill.

Because of water pollution, clams harvested from the Raritan Bay must spend 48 hours at a purification plant before they can be sold, a requirement that was in place before the sewage spill. Water in the tanks at the J.T. White Clam Depuration Plant is bombarded with ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, and the clams have two days to filter themselves.

``Right now, it doesn't seem too bad,'' said the plant's general manager, Kevin Kirk. ``But you don't know what type of algae blooms you might see because of it. (it: the sewage!) You don't know what settled to the bottom and survived.''

The sewage leak's dissolved solid waste below the waterline could cause serious problems, said Andrew Willner, executive director of the NY/NJ Baykeeper organization.

If algae blooms appear when the water starts warming up, it could have a serious effect on shellfish, he said. Algaeconsume a tremendous amount of oxygen, and could cause temporary dead zones in parts of the bay by taking away oxygen need for marine life to survive.

``The bay is very resilient, and it takes a lot to knock it back. This knocked it back,'' Willner said.

The sewage spill occurred March 2 when a pipe ruptured at a Sayreville sewage treatment plant. It forced state environmental officials to close more than 6,000 acres of shellfish beds in Sandy Hook Bay and two nearby rivers after finding higher-than-acceptable levels of fecal coliform, which can cause illnesses including diarrhea and hepatitis A in humans.

The shellfish beds weren't fully reopened until May 1, state Environmental Protection Commissioner Bradley Campbell said.

``We're still evaluating the long-term impact and what penalties should be assessed in this case,'' Campbell said.

He said the main focus now is compensating shellfisherman. The authority has offered cash payments to 42 clammers who met a deadline to submit claims. The clammers said they lost more than $300,000 from the shutdown.

``We had no money coming in; we couldn't pay any bills,'' said Tomaszewski as his small gray boat idled near the dock of the depuration plant. ``It takes a toll. You work all summer to save up enough to get you through the winter, and just when you come back to start again, you can't work.''

Raritan Bay clams account for almost half the clams harvested in New York, according to New York Sea Grant, part of a nationwide network of university-based programs that works with coastal communities. The New York-New Jersey coast is one of the nation's largest suppliers of clams, which are a $13 million industry for New York and contribute $20 million to $40 million to New Jersey's economy each year.

The sewage spill doesn't appear to have affected fledgling oyster colonies that have been reintroduced into the Raritan Bay. Michael Stringer, who runs the oyster gardening project, examined some of the shellfish on Tuesday and said they looked good. About 80 percent of the oysters planted last summer are still alive, a rate he termed excellent.

``They're growing very well in that area,'' he said. ``It's a very positive sign so far.''

07/06/03 12:30 EDT

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