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"Water and Life!"
A first hand, real life, knowledge 
of fluoride, its risks, and the need and value 
of protecting our precious waters, the flora, all animals,
all human beings and all life from it!
-- from a former farmer, dairyman, rancher, earth, human and animal
life scientist's point of understanding, labor, experience and view!
-- and he is not alone in this knowledge!
~  ~  ~
In Santa Monica, Calif. -&- Davis County, Utah

Note, of 5 April 2011: 
    Since I had not been involved in Anti-Fluoridation efforts for several years and because my meager resources have been consumed in my other efforts to protect millions from another poisoning atrocity being allowed by the Federal Government -- see LicenseToKill.us -- I could not maintain or afford my original "WaterAndLife.org" website and lost it to the domain name resellers (mercenaries who want more money than I can afford to buy it back).
    But since two friends in LA have just now requested that my information on Algae (and my warning on the toxic metals including radio-active Iodine which it collects, concentrates in its tissues and poisons you with if you chose to consume it) be back up and visible. So with their wonderful help, Gina Sanchez and Don Kidson in Santa Monica, Calif. (Living Light House on 12th and Broadway), I was able to secure WaterAndLife.us instead (for a reasonable cost) and upload my original WaterAndLife.org files, including my Algae document, to it. So most of my information on Water and man's toxins put in it is now available again, but many links are still old and may not work until I have time to edit or fix them.
    As all my web work is self-learned, I will try to simplify and update this site entirely when my time allows
    Thought the Events referred to here are in the past -- the science, logic and facts apply now and forever!
Please feel free to call me anytime. 801-298-9095.
Thomas L  Rodgers, 5 Apr 2011

Tooele Utah has the chance to harm or protect its water and its other non-voting water dependent life!
(See all below including; 12 Reasons for Serious Evaluation for Animals and Agriculture!)
Please help us get these Fluoridation facts and our past experience to the younger  Farmers, Ranchers, Horseman and caring Pet Owners of Tooele.
We older Farmers need to remember Tooele and the area's past crop and livestock loses from old US Steel, the old Magna smelter, old National Lead (now Magcor), etc. (pre-scrubber released) fluoride exposures to our crops and livestock;
then make those memories, our wisdom, voices and multiplied votes heard! 
-- among all of our own children and our neighbors!
Perioodic Interviews of old Farmer,natural animal biologist & past Candidate for Utah State Senate Dist 23, Tom Rodgers, Helen Watts, other specialists and other experts on Fluoridation of Davis County
 Listen every day: .Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio & Web
12 - 2 pmPlease Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!
 "Water And Life.org" Author is 15 Year "Terminal" Cancer Survivor --
"Relay For Life" -- June 2005, Honored by Mayor & Beauty Queens
Please forgive my site reconstruction! -- especially difficult in the middle of our battle of education of Davis County for our hard earned Re-Vote (and in our candidacy run), 

As possible, I am currently rebuilding these pages, which I began over 5 years ago, as I was asked as a farmer-rancher, water-earth-and-animal scientist to explain fluoridation challenges for the whole environment, curiously by invitation, to the city of Santa Monica California (through my connections with my famous friends and "students" in media and the movie industry)!  Beginnig with no website experience nor a sophisticated computer or composer software, as you can see, I have had to learn and improve as I go! 

I know my work is simplistic and compared to other's new websites, are unhandy to go through; as I first struggled originally without experience or help to produce it!, So please be patient with this old farmer-rancher-dairyman and out-of-doors animal and natural biologist -- who knows more than most about this fluoridation issue as it relates to animals (including humans), crops or agriculture and the environment! -- but not so much about building fancy web pages!

So, as I am just now reorganizing and rebuilding this site (as well as some of my related sites - with their associated issues) be tolerant and patient with me. Please, at least, read the pages I have linked in the Blue Panels then return to this site again soon, as I develop easier to read pages with links in logical layout in side panels or appropriately within the texts! 

Thank for your desire to learn the truth about the effects of Fluoride on Animals and all of Nature!  Thank you for tolerating my accertive, sometimes abasive, but truely worried-for-you voice. After all, it is yours and your children's and all creation's world and future that is at risk. You must act for them!  So please see the Blue Panels and individual animal and environment sub-pages (some with their own domain names for easy recall), as I further develop them and upload my mountains of research papers supporting my already simple, but correct statements! 

-- The animals, vital (soil) microbiota and agriculture cannot tolerate Industrial Fluoride dumpage, and are damaged by it faster and more critcally than you!  (That is why fluoride must be fractioned out and precisely removed from fertilizer and most all agricultural and livestock general exposure and prophylactic chemicals!  -- dah!) TLR 10/18/2004

Water and Life!
Critical to the health of Humanity, all animal Creatures, all Life and Nature, is sources of undefiled Nontoxic Water.  Water is the life-fluid of the entire planet! We are its most dependent consumers and so also must be its most responsible guardians!

But short-thinking, greed driven, devious or foolish men, soliciting and securing well-meaning, yet easily convinced, tender-hearted women and men, and seducible professionals, have successfully "invented" and established in mad-science and mad-promotion, a delivery and disposal method for their removal-challenging toxic industrial waste overburden in their most cost effective way ever imagined.

Instead of paying the price of appropriate containment and disposal, surreptitiously they have devised this heinous way of receiving municipal payment for depositing their toxic wastes into your culinary water -- passing it through you, your children your elderly, your pets, your toilet, your laundry, lawn and wildlife, your businesses, all industry, out every drainage and sewer -- so finally into the ground water, rivers. lakes, aquifer, sea and sea life! -- If that fluoride waste where dumped directly into nature's waters it would be EPA illegal!

The flaw in their deviant insanity-science is that this poisonous substance is severely bio-toxic, bio-reacting and bio-concentrating, and is cycling back -- hurting everyone and everything, including its own foolish inventors and promoters, their believers, the creatures and most importantly your children and you!

Rational, clear-thinking (hopefully reasonably toxin-free, neurologically-unfluorinated) men and women can easily grasp and readily understand this inhumane industrial blunder and it's suicidal chemistry folly when reasoning through nature's clearly  observable hard evidence and facts.

You are invited in these modest pages, which do contain some excellent links, to study and understand nature's easily viewed reality, her tangible evidence and her irrefutable fact.

You are then encouraged to speak-out and act for your own good and in defense of the your children and their children yet to come, all creatures, their water and the future! For your own safety and the future's health and sanity, you must!

Your caring friend and friends of:
The Coalition for Water and Life
The true! "For the good of the children!" and earth-defending,
close-to-the-soils-and-all-living-things wise old farmers, biologists, professionals, teachers, mothers, fathers, families and friends!

In Utah,  we labored and obtained the right to reconsider and  Re-Vote Fluoridation!  Last year for Nov, 2004 and beyound!

This information immediately below shows we are many friends with varied backgrounds, education and experience: 
But have one common goal!

--The Right to choose what goes into our bodies !
 And in my case! --What goes into my soils and my animal's bodies!

This is a 'Combined Resources Site'  for you to learn and act!

Stop Fluoridation .org
Vote NO
Friends don't FORCE Friends
to Drink Fluoride
Tooele, Utah   I       Nov 8, 2005
Vote No
For yourself! -- your Children!
-- the Environment! -- and the Creatures  who cannot vote!
Please share this Web Site!  - and set out Lawn Signs NOW! 

Don't let your Friends, Neighbors and Politicians Fluoridate You !!!
- your child or your child's 
"Best Friends" too!!!

Get  your own understanding and help your friends,  neighbors -- and "Best Friends"

Thanks to the vigorous unpaid labor of caring citizens in Davis County and all Utah, you have been given the right and responsibility to re-vote the County Fluoridation Issue on your ballots in this November's County, State and National Election event. 
Please get your Lawn Signs, liturature, facts and honest education (via the links) here.

Please read on & learn all you can before you Vote again on Flouridation Nov 2nd!..

Now you must think far beyond your teeth, and the narrow focus of the presumed dental benefits from Fluoridation, as is used for its promotion by our local, Fluoride-Waste-Industry-solicited, Davis County and Utah State (Human) Health Departments, and our Communities' Medical and Dental Industry's, comfortably benefited, "Health Professionals," their Unions, and their Subordinate Employees,

Instead, through researching the Websites blow, you must understand the truly greater burden, actual costs and impact of their Industrial "Fluoride" (specifically their HydroFluosilicic Acid Waste! - which is NOT nature's inert and harmless Natural CalcuimFluoride) - as the "treatment" of all culinary water is to the rest of your body (ie. your liver, thyroid, brain, bones etc.), the bodies of your Cats, Dogs, Fish, Birds, all Pets and all other community animals, and livestock including horses; as well as all culinary-water-irrigated agriculture , your own and Commercial food processing, and with all other City-based Industries and Nature's fauna and flora, as consequent and dependent consumers and the ultimate receivers of all the City's "Fluoride" treated waters. 

Please read and learn from these excellent sites and information that follows:

.,,,Your Utah Websites as listed on CitzensForSafeDrinkingWaterUtah.org (or Davis)
,,,Go look at these great sites listed here  --  but come right back here to: WaterAndLife.us
-- for more on Animal, Agriculture, Nature's and your own Fluoridation Problems!

.,,,The Orginal "Citizens for Safe Drinking Water - Davis (County, Utah)" Site:.......
NoToxicWater.org --
-- Sorry! this excellent site appears closed or moved
Davis County Initiative & Nov 2004 re-vote!
-- Excellent educational slide show included.
Especially designed for education of Professional Fluoridation Proponents - by Dave Hansen!

WaterWatchOfUtah.org -- 
-- Sorry! this excellent site also appears closed or moved
Davis County Initiative & Nov 2004 re-vote resource! --
Excellent public education and active support site - 
By Lorna Rosenstein!

Whole State of Utah:
.,,,The Original "Citizens for Safe Drinking Water - Utah" Site:
Now: SafeDrinkingWaterCoalition .org   (or .com)
(Previously accessed as / then will again after Nov 2 Vote; StopFluoridation.com)
Pilot site of all Utah State Public Efforts and Actions.
--  Includes Davis County Re-Vote Initiative!

WaterAndLife.us: Pet Care, Farming, Ranching, Animal & Botanical issues
Your already here -- Scroll Down -- look at information linked in Blue Panels
-- or click individual animal / issue links here or as they appear in following text.
WaterAndLife information on: Santa Monica , Utah, Davis County, Animal Challenges, Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Aquatic Life, Fish, Farmers, Nature, Acid, Drugs, Ducks , Industry, Infants, (my poke at under-educated "Pros" Jackasses, Quacks)
Animal, Agricultural, Natural and Environmental issues,
as well as the Human impact of Water Fluoridation,
from an old farmer, dairyman-rancher, 
as an earthy, reality-focused life-scientist & author with personal knowledge & experience!

Interviews :Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio   12- 2pm

An old worried Farmer-Rancher-Dairyman and Animal Biologist's
12 Reasons for Serious Evaluation of
Its impact in Nature, in the Creatures, then in Man!
Cows as Canaries?
-- like Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Horses, Chickens & Pigs, who cannot sweat; all suffer, sicken earlier & die!
Animal Challenges with Fluoride !
NEW! Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Plants Plants!
Unv Calif Riverside - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon crops
I have a library of research papers from my past and am now trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
NEW!  Study Acute and Subacute Fluoride Toxicity in Dogs Dogs!
US Dept Of Health and Welfare - Fluoride Drinking Waters
From my library of research papers from my past labors; scanned, formated and uploaded today 11 4 04! 
(More Nat'l Acad, Dept of Agri, Dept of Health Welfare -- Toxicity studies in Animals will be up later  tlr)
NEW!  Studies Fluoride Effects in Animals  Animals
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect in Animals!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
 Please return as all pages will be posted -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later this week.
NEW!Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Livestock  Cattle!
Horses! Poultry! Pigs! Sheep! All Livestock!
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon Livestock!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
Dr Gene Miller, Utah State Universty "Impact on Plants and Animals"
"Fluoride Concerns Plants, Not Just Human Beings" U.S.U. Statesman News
Excellent, extensive Notes of same presentation by James Knowles!
If you still think, as an Old Utah Farmer (and experience established Animal Biologist), I am  talking Nonsense on Fluoridation's Animal, Agricultural & Natural Impact! including your children's beloved Pets! -- for a start, follow this link and read its resources:
Then, as this only shows the tip of reported research in Fluoridation's subtly poisonous "iceberg meltdown" for animals and nature, return here* for this old Utah farmers experience, knowledge and truth established logic! -- Then I dare you, your limited only to human teeth and human health Dentist and Doctor and our County's (human) Health Dept.'s solicite and profited Waste Fluoride Industry's agents to prove me, honorable Veterinary and Animal Science wrong!
-- But be prepared for my old farmers "shovel and shot gun" attitude re-adjustment tools of expression and "Manure Kicking" persecutory tones of defense, which I must use in righteous protection of my family, my land and my animals --if you still think its OK to add this all life form poisoning industrial waste to my loved ones, my laboring Pets, my Soils, my Crops and to all my Animals, through our  community's precious shared waters!

Remind your Fluoridation Proponents and their trailing Friend's that they are not the only life forms drinking from our City and County water taps or its resultant effluents downstream!

 *(WaterAnd Life.org or Farmers, Cows, Chickens, Horses, Pets, Animals, Fish, Plants and all Nature Against Fluoride.org)

Utah Water Facts Chart
New Page: During our serious draught (and consequent fires), learn relationships between your personal choices and water - especially the greatest use demand -- your food choices:
(Chart by: State of Utah Natural Resources - Div. of Water Resources)
Why Change Water Treatment and Use Habits? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!
"Their Strategy - 1983!"
"Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law" - Univ. Florida (Spring 1999) pages 239-240
"Their Strategy - 1951 (Nothing has changed since)!"
New Page:  "Fourth Annual Conference of State Dental Directors with the Public Health Service and the Children's Bureau"US Dept of Health, Education & Welfare (1951)
"The Smoking Gun!"
EPA: Hydrofluosilicic Acid? -- No Studies on Human Hazards! -- "The Smoking Gun!"
"There are Deaths from Fluoride!"
Proponent in Fort Collins, Colordo City Council procedures made false "No Deaths" claim -- 
the truth is there are many -- "Deaths from Fluoride!"
Fluoride's Grand Joke!
Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's Dosage Deception! -- and Your Delusion! 
Water-injected Fluoride's impossible "Dental Benefiting?" Dosage Control & Distribution Reality!

Please read, print and share this excellent informative brochure (PDF file) from the Pennsylvania Environmental Network!

Here is an example of Utah's Pro-Fluoridation Proponent's Website; 
.......Utahn's For Dental Health, "Keep Smiling Davis County"(active link is below):
We have provided this proponent website link so that you can objectively examine their perceptions of the Fluoridation "good for teeth" issues and understand their saddly narrow stance, and answer the proponents shallow arguments in their Fluoridation promotion website; "Keep Smiling Davis County" (linked below)

But before you look at their narrow focused (dental carries argument only) site, please read these items and see if they ever address them:

  • The Comparitive Costs of Mass Fluoridation vs.costs of individual (human specific) supplements and treatments?
  • The added Operations Costs and pass through costs in finished products -- and the potentual for increased product contamination -- for our communities' high water use industries (local, small agriculture, food processing, and all other soft or hard-goods manufacturing and water dependent services)?
  • The Source or (lack of) Purity of the Hydro-Fluosilicic-Acid "Fluoridation" water treatment additive (including the lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc. contaminates always present in HFA)?
  • (Beyond their presumed benefit to teeth) The effect of HFA on rest of the human body; i.e. the human systemic and cellular chemistry, the endocrine system, sensitive thyroids, brains, bones, immune system etc.?
  • The Effect on city water dependent Animals, Pets (including Birds and Fish), Horses and any other animals required to drink from culinary supplies of water?
  • The Effect upon culinary-water-dependent container-grown plants and/or city water irrigated gardens and orchards. (Note: Persons at end of water service lines will have little or no active fluoride "to benefit anyone's teeth" at all! -- This is Nature's and Water Fluoridation's Grand Joke! )
  • The Effect on city effluent and runoff absorbing soil organisms, fish, water purifying algae and aquatic life, ulitmately including the aquatic insects, birds, reptiles and game?
  • And why is it that the brokers of HFA (esp. Cargile Fertilizer, Fla.), who also (like ADM, Con-Agra, Monsanto) broker large contracted agi-suppliers' products or their own corporate grown produce, livestock and food products, will never allow or leave the Fluoride components it in their own fertilizer phosphate mining products (it must be fractured out), then even "outlaw" its re-introduction into their contracted growers, fellow corporation's or their own corporate agricultural farms operations and their own culinary or production water supplies or lands? -- and yet their HFA toxic waste overburden -- which they must dispose of and keep out of their own operations -- is somehow ok for your garden, your animals, your city family and you ?!!!
  • Is it really about sound teeth? specifically about dental health benefits for that tiny percentage of water consumers represented in teeth developing children? What about risking the un-metered water drinking pregnant mother's (research known fluoride sensitive) fetuses in utero, pre-dental infants, already Fluoxetine (Fluoride) medicated emotionally depressed and mentally ill, sensitive adults, cancer patients, and the already bone brittling aged? Or is it still subtly about sales for Cargile, all Mining, Refining (Including Petroleum) and the Chemical industries and their not having to pay their common toxic Fluorine waste disposal costs by instead selling it to you and by default, increase the profits for their solicitive Pharmaceutical, Dental, Psychiatric and Medical patient flow and human sickness dependent Industry? (At this point, you probably think I'm nuts and need Prozac's active ingredient, fluoride - phenfluoxetine right now! But I don't and neither does every human, life-form and creature in Davis County!)
  • And last, but not the least: What about our individual personal health, dental and medical (treatments and medication) choices? (or did we flush that one down the toilet with our mass-voted, mass-fluoridated toilet tank water too??? -- along with our liberally removed other personal and family agency, medical freedoms, rights and choices?)
  • Remember, the Proponent's site and their carefully crafted glossy and "pretty" paper literature, travel, lodging and time is well funded and paid for by the HFA waste Industry (primarily Cargile) and their chemical, pharmaceutical and medical beneficiaries already romanced in their grants, and through your chosen (or mandated) dependence, patronage, purchases and payments to them and to their carefully instructed and fellowed ADA Dentist, AMA Doctors, Psychiatrists, Pharmacists, and Educators, and your already tax supported State and Country Health Depts. and Public Education (Nurses) Systems, and all their paid publishers and (advertising) media!. -- So their shallow site and truth evasive propaganda is still ultimately paid for by you! 

    Now look at the Davis County Fluoridation Proponent's site:
    (I am sorry but I am forced by my old farmer/rancher discontent and rage at th heartless fraud and mindless damamge done to me, my family's and my friend's small farming enterprizes, our economics and health, to protest and choose to  use CREEPY  font to write in their web link here for you.)

    Unlike the perked and well funded Proponent's glossy propaganda, with their lists of parroting endorcement organizations and websites (linked above), I and most of my wrongly labeled "Anti-Fluoride" -- more correctly "Personal Fluoridation Choice!" demanding friends and fellows, the Citizens For Safe Drinking Water Utah & Davis County  and: WaterAndLife, etc, provide for our own costs in research, experience, our plain photo copied literature, our travel, (me sleeping in my old van instead of a hotel or motel while traveling) to lobby or educate you! Our tabling and time is all sparingly paid for by us, ourselves. All you see maintained here is done with what ever other few coins I can make myself or can beg for from my wife's modest grocery change! We have no grants, no profit, no chemical industry backing or benefiting medical fellows paying for our efforts. So why in the name of reason and riches do we wear out our lives in this thankless unpaid labor?

    Saving something of my children's future, their safety and their earth, and you along with it, in return for my  deepening debt, appears to be my only reward! 

    But hopefully a better world and my loved one's lives not fully poisoned in it will be my children's inheritance from me. At this point, this dedication and my love for them is all I have to give! I have no more wealth than that now! It all went in my suffering and loss to those same players (once my fellows) who promote drugs, fluoride, endless treatments and profit richly from your disease!  Oct 3, 2004, TLR


    MEETING  WAS HELD 10/22/04

    The support for fluoridating public water supplies has ridden on the back of endorsements since its inception.  It is time to review the science.  It is time for citizens to seriously consider the emerging data before they vote on fluoridation.

    The Commissioners of Davis County, Utah have directed that the following opinion question be placed on the next general election ballot, Tuesday, November 2, 2004. "Shall fluoride continue to be added to the public water supplies of Davis County.  Yes or No." 

    In order to provide the public with an opportunity to become fully informed on both sides of this controversial political question, Waterwatch of Utah will host a public debate entitled

    Fluoridation: All Things Considered
    meeting was held Friday, October 22, 2004
    at the Davis County Convention Center, Layton

    Presenters  included:

    Dr. William Hirzy, a senior scientist (Risk Assessment) and ranking professional chemist at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, D.C., is also Senior Vice President of the EPA headquarters Professionals’ Union which unanimously opposes water fluoridation. In addition, Dr. Hirzy is the Chemist-In-Residence and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the American University in Washington, D.C.

    Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, a toxicologist and pharmacologist by training, has held appointments in the Department of Neuropathology and Radiation Oncology at Harvard Medical School, and served as Head of the Toxicology Department for Forsyth Research Institute--a world renowned dental research institution--for eleven years.  Dr. Mullenix currently serves as a consultant in litigation involving poisonings from various occupational and environmental exposures, and is an expert witness in fluoride toxicology.

    Dr. Hardy Limeback, Head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto, is Past President of the Canadian Association of Dental Research.  Dr. Limeback is a leading dental researcher specializing in tooth development and fluoride toxicology.  Originally one of Canada’s leading proponents of water fluoridation, Dr Limeback publicly reversed his position after a thorough investigation of the research revealed safety and health risks associated with fluorides.

    Dr. Roger D. Masters, President of the Foundation for Neuroscience and Society and a Fulbright Fellow, is a Professor of Government and Nelson A. Rockefeller Professor Emeritus at Dartmouth University.  Dr. Masters is a research professor specializing in government and neurotoxicology.   In 1999 he and Myron Coplan published a paper in the International Journal of Environmental Studies which showed elevated blood lead levels of children in Massachusetts who drank fluoridated water.

    The Davis County Health Department and Utahns For Better Dental Health are cordially invited to participate on the panel, their presenters to be announced. 

    Contact information was: Waterwatch of Utah
    Lorna Rosenstein 801-815-4166  / cell  801-444-9608

    Read Davis County Clipper's 
    report on this Conference

    Fluoride Conference as reported in Davis County Clipper

    Suggestion for adding the ".org" to existing lawn signs:
    So that the Viewers of your signs (as currently distributed) have an easy website direction to go; you could carefully add to your sign an ".org", written on a self stick label (4 by 1-1/2 inch, as I have done with all my signs) or skillfully add it with magic marker, just below the "....tion" of "Fluoridation", as shown here below:
    Stop Fluoridation 
    Please let us know!of any Mothers. Family and Animal Shows (Horses, Livestock of all kinds, Birds, Fish, Pets, Agriculture, Food Manufacturing), individuals, Groups or Group Activities particularly in Utah that we can contact, attend and help provided education in this critical issue protecting their animals and produce. Also share these web pages with your Ranch, Animal owning, Pet and Animal caring friends!
    To Email us (for Water and Life.org):WaterAndLife@WaterAndLife.us.
    or call 801-298-9095 -- note: your caller ID is required and recorded for call to complete.

    Now (while I rebuild this page in the meantime), we return to our original efforts, which have over time become cluttered like the kids room and (I'm sorry) my desk! -- but important life-saving papers are in here!

    "Water and Life!"
    Utah (& California) Fluoridation information.
    Learn from L.A. / Santa Monica California & Utah Efforts 
    If you where looking for: Farmers, Ranchers, Dairymen, and Horsemen (for Pure Water), Cows, Horses, Animals, Pets, Birds, Fish, Nature, Mothers, Families or Infants, etc Against Fluoridation ---- You are at the right place!
    Stop Fluoridation 
    Utah Votes and  Re-Votes -- Nov 2005
    Vote Against all Water Fluoridation !!!
    Webmaster's side issue.
    Family Versus State of Utah!
    Childrens Holocaust U.S.A.! 
    wrongly accused families lose children to State evil.
    Site Author's Run for State Senate


    Our WaterAndLife.org (now .us) beginnings in Santa Monica, California!

    The Fluoridation education and and activism  work recorded within these pages began as I was laboring in other educational issues with my film and media performers, writers, art and production friends of Hollywood, many of which were living in Santa Monica, California.

    I had been petitioned by my movie star students and friends to come to L.A. to teach them.  And as I was teaching them in other important life and health, physiological and neurological experience, science and personal choices, they made me aware of the proposal of their city council to add Fluoride to their water. I explained to them the physiological and neurological effects of industries un-natural fluoride* being added to their entire bodies, not just their teeth, through the systemic doping of all body tissues through drinking water. I explained how "Fluoridating" an entire water supply with the powerfully reactive form's of man's industrial overburden waste fluoride product forms leads to uncontrolled doping of not only all humans, but pets, livestock, and all other life forms! -- many of which are heavy water consumers and which are reactive-fluoride sensitive and already endangered by man's other chemical insanities!

    So caring for them there, I consented to stay with them to educate them more, and help with their community efforts and their city council's political decision's. All of that effort is here recorded in my section titled Santa Monica, California!

    As I am an old country boy from Utah I am also laboring with friends at home. My consern is not just for the human family, but also for livestock, wildlife, animals of all forms, the flora (vegetation), and all life forms here.  My local efforts are also expanded upon and recorded here in my section titled Utah!

    Even though you may not live in Santa Monica, California or Utah, you will be benefited in a crucially important broadened understanding of fluoridation's risks, if you will take the time to read both sections and their links.

    Thanks for your concerns and efforts in this issue!

    * note Calcium Fluoride is the natures most common form of fluoride that is found everywhere in nature which is found in most well waters. It is effectively inert, non-reactive or stable and is not generally deleterious to anyone's tissues or body! -- it passes through with out any appreciable actions or reactions.

    However most of all man's industrial forms are body tissue absorbed, potently or highly reactive and are potentially deleterious or dangerous! The fertilizer, mining and chemical industries most commonly produced fluoridation agent, Hydrofluosilicic acid - the form used for most city water fluoridation - is harvested from industry's smoke stack scrubbers, chemical separators and other process wastes! It is violently reactive, violently corrosive, difficult to manage and maintain its chemical integrity, so is hazardous and lethal! -- It is especially dangerous for the water department handlers and is a constant corrosion problem for their water treatment equipment and all service and downstream connected systems!

    Depending upon which operation from which it was harvested, it always carries other dangerous trace contaminants with it, including lead, arsenic, cadmium and the like - all of which are violently toxic in any accidental overdose, but also cumulatively damaging over time, in even the most carefully controlled exposures, especially for infants, certain sensitive individuals and for most all plant and animal species!

    ...The name of Santa Monica was set by thirsty Pacific sailors: The pure waters of the sweet springs of "Saint Monica" located here was historically named in honor of her redeeming tears shed for her once wayward son. These restoring springs saved hundreds of lives of Pacific Ocean Seamen! Hence the Community's caring and saving spirit, its tender name, and the name of the bay, was set by those preserved men as "Santa Monica" because of "her"  wonderfully pure life-saving spring waters! That honor given to that long ago desperately caring and loving mother, Saint Monica must never be forgotten and her sweet waters must remain as they always were -- untainted, life saving and pure!
    Santa Monica, California:
    Sweet Santa Monica City, California.
    She has been and is -- for the moment -- the island and haven of Healthier Water, Food, Air and Life in the LA "Sea of toxins and Fluoridation!"  But the press is on to flood even this Beautiful Sanctuary of intelligent and creative souls with mind dumbing and body degenerating fluoridation too!

    You can see the current activities in Santa Monica carried on by Gene Burke since our initial efforts (shown here below) by seeing our page provided for his SantaMonicans for Safe Drinking Water Coalition, then return here.

    Though you may not be a citizen of Santa Monica,California, you will learn from this brief draft to the Mayor, Council and residents (and the report that follows). It helped contribute to the reversal of fluoridation for that important city (in the Winter of 2000), Dec 1 2000.

    What applies to Santa Monica's City Council, people and water dependent life, then -- still applies to you now! Please read it!

    1. Dec. 1, 2000: Draft to Mayor, Council & Residents of Santa Monica, Calif 
    -- This item really applies to all pet owners, dairymen, ranchers, horsemen, hunters, fishermen, farmers, caring moms, dads, honorable pediatricians, physicians and dentists! Everyone! Everywhere! -- Please take time to carefully read!
    2. Dec. 5, 2000: Report of Santa Monica Council Meeting debate and vote --  A momentary Win won, Yes! but an even more serious Call to Continued Vigilance!
    2001--The game plan is followed by the promoter's and profiteer's of Fluoridation -- as we warned last year in Item 2 (above)

    3aOct. 23, 2001-The Renewed Battle Begins Again!
    3. Oct. 23, 2001 A Warning, A Plea, and Good Reason! to Santa Monica City Residents
    4. Oct. 23, 2001 Our (first) message to the Santa Monica City Council
    5. Oct. 24, 2001 They Voted "Yes" - A Sad Day for the Great Lady by the Sea
    6. Oct. 24, 2001 Our Modified meassage to the City Council (after Vote) A Must Read!!!
    7. Oct. 25, 2001 Poster: 3rd St. Prominade,VeniceBeach, Pico, Ocean ParkPlease read!!
    -- To other important sites outside our WaterAndLife  website.  -- Please return to continue with item 8 below!

    a.   Santa-Monica.org - City Council - For contact, agenda and actions - Your response pathway!
    b.   NoFluoride.com- local organization site  for L.A./Santa Monica, and listed in CitizensForSafeDrinkingWater.org
    c.   FluorideAlert.org  and  d. Citizens.org - Excellent education sites found in CitizensForSafeDrinkingWater.org
    e.   Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC),Vancouver, BC, Canada

    -- Continuing in WaterAndLife.org's Santa Monica experience the next year 2001 and 2:
    8.  "Fluoridate Your Own Teeth Only" and other Posters/Flyers used in S.M. efforts
    9.  "Fluoridate Your Own Brain Only...Please!" Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, Luvox:"Fluorides!"
    10.  Notice to Actors and Artists - Theater and Media Industry of Santa Monica
    11.  Fluoridation of Any Water Is An Offense to All Nature!  - Sign (Shirt)
          (Note: Nov24 2001/ tr -- Some of these Pages below are still being constructed - Please return to to view every few days.)
    12.  Fluoridation of Your Pets, Community Animals, WildLife - Studies on damage! All animals accumulate fluoride in tissues.
    13.  Fluoridation of Plants - Studies on damage! Fluoridated water reduces / halts hundreds of important crops! so is not permitted on (corporate) crops.
    14.  Fluoridation of Livestock - Not permitted by Agri-Industry - Studies on damage! -- Own any Horses? This applies to them!
    15.  Fluoridation's Ultimate Victims: Fish, Sea Weed, Sea Mammals, Birds, You! - Studies! (Under Construction)
    16.  City Councilman's Insight into purchase of hydrofluosilicic acid for his city of Escondido.
    Some fun for laborers in Santa Monica's anti-fluoridation, etc. efforts

    2000 Gathering Santa Monica Celebration. Jerry Rubin's Alliance for Survival, New Years Eve -- Connections and Fun!
    2001 Gathering  Now More Than Ever! -- Jerry Rubin, One of Santa Monica's important activist! -- His Alliance for Survival -- New Years Eve Gathering!    Also see Jerry's efforts at forming a Santa Monica Disabilities Commission

    Other Related sites
    a. DrugAwareness.org / oldsight/studies.html -- Important to know! -- These articles show that Psychiatry's and the Drug industries' SSRIs, as Prozac, etc, are Fluorides or Fluorine (Fluorine ionic) similar compounds, which intentionally given, do chemically interfere with and dull human, as well as animal (including bacterial and viral), neurological activity, will and abilities! Also see PFPC/Prozac
    -- Is that what you or your children want? or need? not just from their drinking water, but the waters used in preparing formulas, foods, face, hands, bath -- and swimming pool water absorptions, too?
    b. MetaCrawler.com--Search: "Fluoride" and "Fluoridation"
    c. New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation listed in CitizensForSafeDrinkingWater.org
    d. CitzensForSafeDrinkingWater.org--National Listings for education and area organizations. (new site)
    e. Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC), Vancouver, BC, Canada  - Another excellent education / research site of Canada.
    see Santa Monican's for Safe Drinking Water.org
    - the current labors of 2002, 2003 & 2004!
    click here to go to 2002/2003/2004 entrees directly.
    Utah:     .Back to top
    Utah's Debate is found here: (More coming.)  Please check back again!
    First read the above Draft to S.M. City Council! if you haven't already.  It applies here in Utah too! -- See your pets, livestock (applies also to horses!), game, fish, flora and agricultural fluoridation impacts explained in it -- and in the other  articles above!
    Then return to continue here!
      University / Government Studies References
      Animal challenges with fluoride accumulation in their tissues and their limited opportunities for its expulsion!
      Stop Fluoridation in Utah Pamphlet -- Excellent!!!
    1.  Utah-StopFluoridation.Homestead.com, or StopFluoridation.com - for easy link recall
    2.  Utah-DavisCounty-NoToxicWater.org -- Davis County referendum and Nov 2002 re-vote!
    3.  Actions or Meeting Notices - in Utah  -- Please attend and participate when you can!
    4.  Shortcut Links to excellent Articles and News
    5.  Utah News and Letters - July 2001--Includes Report of Utah State Legislature Fluoridation Task Force July 16th Meeting
    6.  Utah News and Letters - Aug., Sept, Oct 2001
    7.  New! (June 4 2003) Utah News and Letters - (Recent) Year 2003
    More for Utah -- see Utah's listings in CitizensForSafeDrinkingWaterUtah.org

    More information, activity and news reporting links are to come here, as my time permits.
    In meantime continually check Utah's excellent StopFluoridation.com . and NoToxicWater.org websites!
    (as well as Citizens for Safe Drinking Water.org - link just above).

    Note to my Utah State Senators and House of Representatives
    ~  ~  ~
    Small Community Farmers are being hurt by being forced into paying the higher costs for treated water which will never reach the teeth of any children.

    We farmers were never told the true costs by Health Dept. officers, municipal bureaucrats or promoters -- and we usually must purchase more water than dozens of families combined -- to help feed them and you!

    We deserve the right to an educated revote! Now!

    California is fast running out of agricultural water, the Great Plain's Ogalalah aquifer is depleting, and Mexico, also with limiting water, is not guaranteed as sufficiently stable and must feed her multiplying own! -- So who will feed you if we locals cannot survive!

    Help us survive! -- so you and your children can!

    Support HB 64 - with re-vote immediate to preserve already stressed farmers with their thirsty stocks and productions!

    As of March 3 our Legislators may have just put the ax to what HB-64 had given us back, by passing SB-28 which may seriously encumber the Initiative Process -- see Bart Grants review of SB-28 at our donated site to his and others efforts in this Legislative session's watch: ByAThread.org
    See other 'Utah State Legislative issues' reviewed by friends
    on ByAThread.org
    1.WaterFacts/UtahWaterSupply Chart: State of Utah Div of Water Resources and "Why change Personal Behavior -- and Food Production and Choice habits? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!"
    2.AlgaeSeaweedCaution  - nature's filter feeding aguadic life and end recievers of Fluoridtion then cycling it back to you!
    "Animals Against Fluoride.org" and our other site entree pages with Nature's perspectives
    Entree pages referencing man's fluoridation challenges for Nature and her individual victims:
    Acid, Animals , Birds , Chickens , Cows , Ducks , Farmers, Fish , Horses , Infants, Jackasses, Nature, Pets , Plants, Quacks
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    To Email us (for Water and Life.us): WaterAndLife@WaterAndLife.us
    WaterAndLife.org, Santa Monica , Utah, Davis County
    KickEmInThe(Hydrofluosilicic)Acid.org / AnimalChallenges / Soil Organisms / Horses / Cows / Chickens / Pets / Ducks / Birds / Fish / Aquatic Life / Animals / Nature / Plants / Infants / Mothers / Farmers / Ranchers / Dairyman / Pet Owners / Industry / Quacks / Jackasses / OtherUtahWebsites / SantaMonica Calif Efforts  / UtahEarlyEfforts
    CitizensForSafeDrinkingWater.org- National & International  Listing -  Education &  Organizations
    Other soft-related or friendly sites or subjects of possible interest:
    1.LifeSave.org     2.Zoonoses.org     3.AutoImmuneDiseases.us      4.ADDDepressionAutism.org     5.LDSHEA.org     6.EagleForum.org     7.PublicCitizen.org    8.PureFood(s).org     9.VeganCowboy(Scientist).org
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    Davis County Utah:
    NoToxicWater.org . For temporary review Ted's Flyer8/26/02

    Now Utah County is being coerced by the Pro-Fluoridators:
    See Utah County's Daily Harold - Fluoridation editorial comments and poll.

    Dear Friends:
       This site and and all our other efforts have been provided and are paid for out of my personal efforts and my already stressed and limited personal resources, including those of my wife and my family! They - with me - live most frugal, and go without much, so this information and our personal labors can be made available to educate, encourage and provide benefit for you. 
        Several times my family and I have had our utilities interrupted this winter, lived in a house at less than 60 degrees and scrimped on our food so we could instead keep these pages open, work without compensation and continue freely given educational efforts made available for you and while I donated my time to educate Municipal Leaders and Legislators in our State's House and Senate session in past 40 days.
        I travel and talk freely to you and your friends, families and community leaders, secure facilities and provide display and provide materials on my own dime (which should be my family's instead), and sleep in my old 89 Plymouth Voyager even in brutal cold to save in my many miles traveled to share understanding and get help to you or anyone.
        So if you are or have been benefited by these efforts  -- your help would be a gratefully accepted as a small repayment for your own understandings, health benefits or municipal water protections. So if you in gratitude could help us sustain this effort and let it and us continue to reach and benefit you and others, even with your smallest of tangible contributed kindnesses, it would be carefully used and sincerely appreciated. Thanks, sincerely,
    T LRodgers, (WaterAndLife..org ),  LifeSave, PO Box 304,  Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304  (ph. 801-298-9095)
    If you are able to economically assist, please help me maintain this personal time and resource consuming effort - including this website which costs me $32 a month - to get you & everyone real education on fluoridation!
    I have used all I have had of my own money which included $2,000 for the State and County Fair spaces I purchased and made freely available for Citizens For safe Drinking Water Utah and Davis, as well as to testify, citizen lobby the legislature and campaign and canvas against fluoride! -- and currently to do diligence, discovery, advocacy, legal and political battle nearly 2 yrs without pay for a Bureaucracy, Medicine and State violated innocent Vegan Family! And now I am dead broke, but with my exact knowledge and personal experience, in my integrity or good conscience, keeping any peace of mind, I cannot quit this critical effort!  Thanks TLR
    Please give your support & send kind Donations: 
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    Please let us know!of any Farmers, Mothers and Family, Animal Shows (Horses, Livestock of all kinds, Birds, Fish, Pets, Agriculture, Food Manufacturing), Key Individuals, Groups or Group Activities particularly in Utah that we can contact, attend and help provided education in this critical issue protecting their animals and produce. Also share these web pages with your Ranch, Animal owning, and Animal caring friends!
    Click to Contributions page Your help is needed and appreciated!
    To Email us (for Water and Life.us): WaterAndLife@WaterAndLife.us.
    or call 801-298-9095 -- note: your caller ID is required and recorded for call to complete.


    This site's author and donor, observed in his diligent battle at our Legislature for Fluoride Free Water, Individual and Family Education, Health and Medical Rights,  has been asked to run for State Senate!

    Personal difficulty experienced !!! Please help if you can!
    Sat Mar 19 at the Salt Lake Public Library (4th South 2nd East) at approx. 1pm on the 3rd floor from computer position #15 I had the theft of my:

    Small black valise (black vinyl carrying case with handles - open top accordian type with soft zipper closer) containing;
    >> Most critical to my financial loss and identity theft: an old maroon check book size  wallet with my: 
    Wells Fargo Bank check card #4919-9279-7901-1802 & checks numbers 1891-1921, acct # 1660002781 for:
    LifeSave International -Thomas Lynn Rodgers, POBox 304 Bountiful Utah, ph 298-9095 etc. 
    my Uah Drivers License #95xx120, other important personal cards, photos and papers.
    Also in the carrying case was: 
    White vinyl three ring binder with the FamilyVsState.org photos and papers. 
    A small ring bound note book with daily notes related, providing proofs of this families innocence
    A blue/green Photo folder with about 20 photos of my film friends with my son and others with me.
    Several University and Gov'nt research papers on fluoride poisoning with animals
    Two check card purchases ($8.10 & $12.44) did occur quickly after the theft (approx. 1pm Sat 19 Mar) at the Seven-Eleven Store 4th S 3rd E across from library. He/She who took them may try to pass my LifeSave International / Thomas Lynn Rodgers, checks and use my drivers license as ID as well. Please carefully observe, photo ID, (call police and/or me) if you know anything.

    My hope is that my black valise with my photos, the binder with family exonerating medical and legal papers, little note book, my animal fluoride research papers, and other personal papers were left in the library or somewhere close by as the person taking it probably would have dumped . 
    If you find any of these items please call me (801)-298-9095, (you can remain anonymous using a pubic phone or drop a note at library desk if you choose. I have very little but I could leave at least $20 somewhere for your kindness.) 

    The innocence of an accused family and the peace of their little children and my own 20 mouths of sacrifice for them are affected therein! I am not wealthy -- just kind hearted -- and very poor because of it. 
    Please, you can anonymously leave any located items at SL library Lost-and-Found, then contact me (or SL Police 779-3000 if you prefer). Thank You. Thomas L Rodgers (801)-298-9095 

      tlr Water And Life .us